June 23, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Bishoff

#23 I guess I don't give myself enough credit!

Hola Familia,

First, this week my district decided to have p-day at the mission home, so thats kind of fun so right now im writing from the mission office and we just got done eating choripan which is delicious by the way! so sorry this might be a kind of jumbled letter because we are a little pressed on time but here it goes anyway. :)

This week we had zone exchanges and I went to parque capital with hermana Sermeno! We were so excited, she was one of the hermanas that came at the same time as me and hemana Wade. We met in the airport in Buenos Aires. We always would say ahhh we want to be companions. so It was fun even if it was only for a couple days. It was kind of fun to be in a different area because all I’ve known is carlos paz. But I got a little worried when we were getting on the bus to Parque. I must have slipped in a English word because Hermana Sermeno said… ehh ehh? Hna Tuttle the problem with me is I don’t know English. :) I’ve always been with a companion who has at least know some English, but I was actually surprised that it wasn’t such a big problem. so I guess sometimes I dont give myself enough credit.. maybe I know a little more than I thought.. It’s still sketchy, but I can get around and for the most part people can understand me. Its really the conjugations that I struggle with so I still sound like a cave man because I am always talking in the wrong tense. I’m just grateful I’m not learning Japanese because I would be toast.! :) anyway so the exchanges were good and It is so fun to learn how the others missionaries teach.

Me and hermana Bishof only try to speak Spanish. she’s really good to help me. Basically she speaks Spanish and I speak Spanish with a little bit of Spanglish. I am getting better and I am really trying because I want to be able to talk more. I really did get so lucky to have such a good companion this transfer. It has been good because sometimes its easier when she can explain to me why something is the way it is in english. So I am really really grateful!

What am I going to do when I have to leave these families when I get transferred One of my favorite families has been working so hard to overcome some obstacles
We had an appointment to visit this family one day, but I gotta tell ya, there were so many times when we were trying to get there that we almost gave up ….wrong buses, missed buses, late lunch.. . You name it, it went wrong, we finally get there and what a relief they were happy the see us and were ready to share what they had been working on. The last time we had visited them It wasn’t looking good. We knew the word of wisdom was going to be hard for them. quitting smoking was going to be a huge obstacle. But to our relief…The husband looks at his wife and with a smile on his face said, “ we are going to work together to quit because we know we cant do it without each others help.” AAAHHH….what progress they have made even from just a couple of lessons ago. I’m so so glad we didn’t give up and not make it to that appointment….I’m going to pray for them. I hope they succeed and don’t give up. They are wonderful people and I will miss them.

We are also trying to help each other with some of our own goals haha.. .we were in a lesson with Olga and a other cute little lady and they had a plate of cookies on the table (my favorite little cookies btw ) :) I knew she was going to have them so before we got there I said Hermana help me to only have a couple .. right. so we are there in a lesson with the cute little ladies and I grab another cookie, I look at hermana bishoff and say "ayuda me" and she responded by snagging it right out of my hand and popped it in her mouth.. I was like wow okay! That’s one way.. way to take one for the team! haha It was so funny..

We find out Saturday about transfers. I have no idea what’s going to happen. Im thinking I wont be staying in carlos paz for much longer. we´ll see I guess! I love carlos paz! This is hermana Rios last transfer she is off to her home on monday! I swear me and the other hermanas are ten times more emotional, excited and nervous for her than she is I swear! :)

Thanks mom for the stuff you sent me! It was all so perfect, for not knowing what I needed you sure knew what I needed! I am so excited for my big coat!!

Man all the great things I want to tell and I dont have time.. so I guess I can tell you guys all about everything more when I am back. Sorry you all just get random little bits I wish I could just tell you everything!

anyway Ive got to run! We have a Family home evening to get to…. need to get back to Carlos Paz! :)

Love you to Argentina and back! xoxo have a amazing week!! I love you I love you! xoxo!


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