June 16, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Bishoff

#22 I'm so happy to be a missionary!! Quiroz Family

Hola Hola! Oh im so happy to be a missionary! Its a lot of hard work but I am so grateful! I really do love the experiences I am having with these people and the things I am learning along side them. Well at least I hope they are learning too ;) This week was so good, We had some really neat experiences with one of our families we are teaching.. I just love to see the change in them.. I want to tell you more about them but I dont have time and I really want to be able to explain…. I’m in Parque capital and I don’t bring the right journal to take a picture of and send ….I only have this one so I guess i'll just send you a picture of this one today and I will send the other one next week. Sorry, zone p-days are always crazy. I love you all so much and hope you have a good week. I think about you all and am always praying for you! I am so greatful for all of your love and support!!!

I LOVE YOU to argentina and back have a great week!!!
Love your bailey! xoxoxo

6-15-14 (Journal entry)
Happy Fathers Day daddio! I woke up and the first thing Hermana Bishoff did was finish making the banana Bread for our lunch date with family Quiroz. The smell of banana bread in the morning made it feel more like fathers day because that's one of his favorites. I sure hope he had a good day! I miss him and being with the family today. I can’t wait to hear from them tomorrow :) today was such a really beautiful day too. I think it’s on my list of the most beautiful….I don’t know… just a beautiful soak up the moment kind of day. After church we went to Questa Blanca to have lunch with the Quiroz family. After our collectivo ride they met us at the bottom of the hill to drive us up through Questa Blanca which by the way definitely of the most beautiful place in Argentina that I have been to so far. It was exactly what I was picturing Argentina to be like before I got here. I honestly still have no idea how that little car made it up all those dirt hills but really I was amazed at little Jim. Ya, that’s their cars name, Jim. Isn’t that the funniest thing especially when on this one hill he was like vamos Jim vamos! Haha it was so funny to me. They had one of the neatest little houses up on the hill with a beautiful l view. It seriously reminded me of like little house on the prairie or something. Nefi took me and Hna Bishoff on a tour down this little trail to their garden. As we walked he showed us his rock and snail collections. So So cute! Then we picked lettuce for the salad and fresh cilantro (we had been craving cilantro but could never find any) so this salad was such a treat for us. What an amazing family they are. They are simple and don’t need much but are so happy and fun. During lunch Hermano Quiroz was imitating different Spanish accents it was hilarious. Talking like a Mexican then talking like a gringa (Me) and of course Mickey Mouse… Spanish, oh it was funny. After lunch we talked to them about the new mission plan and what we need help with as member missionaries. They had some really good ideas but to be honest, they are such good missionaries already. They are good at inviting friends and neighbors. And cute Nefi told us the story about giving his teacher a Book of Mormon. like I said, Today was just one of those days that I was just trying to take in every moment and keep all the pictures in my mind, it was so great!.
After lunch we went back to carlos Paz Centro and went to angies house and talked to her for a min. she was in the middle of organizing boxes so we helped for a bit and then made a plan to go back Tuesday.
Walking back to our apartment about 2:00 to 6:30 to do our study there wasn’t a soul to be seen…no one was out I mean NO ONE! Every house we went by you could see the soccer game was on. We were thinking that it actually worked out ok because we didn’t have time after church for our study and now that no one would want to listen to us now anyway….perfect time to study. This whole soccer thing is going to be difficult, seriously we couldn’t believe we didn’t see anyone on the way home it was nuts. Anyway that’s about it.:)


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