June 7, 2014


Carlos Paz, Argentina


Hermana Bishoff

#21 Fear causes failure

Hola my familia,
I was thinking about a talk I read this week about fear and how it can keep us from accomplishing things we want to do. It gave an example about teaching someone to float. Fear causes failure. When you become afraid you instinctively try to sit up which causes you to sink. To float, you must relax and put your head back and legs down. Then you can float on your back with very little effort. The key is learning to trust that a little water splashing in your face doesn’t mean you are drowning. It’s so true. I thought about when I taught swim lessons, I remember when I was trying to teach them float. I remember thinking, if only they would trust that my hand is right there to catch them if they start to sink. There was no way I was going to let them drown because I was right there. That must be how Heavenly Father feels. If only we could trust that his hand is right there to keep us up when we start to sink. No way will he let us drown if we just would trust in him and not be afraid. The only way he can’t help us is if we try to swim or squirm away from his arms. I also liked the reference to having water splashed in your face or getting a mouth full of water. It might feel like we are drowning in all the things we are facing and trying to accomplish but we just need to relax, keep your head up and trust that the Lord’s hand will gently push you back up.
“when you feel like your drowning remember your life guard walks on water” :)
I remember I was teaching cute little hunter to float on his back. His goggles were so tight on his eyes, his head was back, and little cheeks were so puffed up full of air. I let go for a second without him even realizing it. I said, good job Hunter. And he said, “ I’m just doing the best I can” It was so cute!
I guess this talk was something I needed to hear because let me tell you, learning Spanish, lessons and trying to learn all the things I’m supposed to do…kinda feel like I’m drowning sometimes. but I know our Father in Heaven just wants us to do the best we can and keep trying.
Ha ha remember how I was going to stop doing dumb things, well that didn’t last long. I was wanting to get my bangs trimmed and one of the sweet ladies in the ward said she had studied how to cut hair. So im like ok, hey why not…..she said she studied how to cut hair…I started to hesitate a little but she picked up the scissors and before I knew it…whack! And there you have It, one big chunk if bangs gone! Hermana Bishoffs face was priceless when I looked up at her. One of those looks like, oh my what have you done and maybe a touch of guilt because she kinda talked me into it. :)
On our way home we could not stop laughing. She was like, it’s not that bad don’t panic we can fix it…I think…right? Oh my, we laughed and laughed oh snap…it’s just…ya. But in verdad we don’t know how to fix it so I just parted my hair on the other side and they look alittle longer and so now I’m just rolling with it. I’ll send you a picture if you promise not to laugh. The whole time I was like, I need Holly!!!
I have loved getting to know Hermana Bishoff. It’s been crazy busy since she has been here. Moving, late night doctor visits, sitting in the middle of a breakup…our first time meeting them. My awesome haircut, a little break down after a zone meeting about being a celestial missionary. The other night Hermana Bishoff said with a smile on her face, “ I don’t think I’ve had a normal day since ive been here in Carlos Paz. At first I was thinking that it’s Carlos Paz, but now im starting to think maybe it’s because…I’m with you”. Ok, ok, I would like to think that It’s Carlos Paz also…..but then again who knows, I am me. ..I’m sure it’s probably a little of both. :) For the last few weeks we have come home either laughing or crying about something random that went on that day saying wait, what just happened. But I love Hermana Bishoff she is such a great missionary and I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity to learn as much as I can from her.
Thanks so much for the letters you don’t know how much they mean to me. Oh I hate when time is up! I I have to go. Love you to Argentina and back XOXOXOXO your bailey


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