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How do I start?

Congratulations on having a missionary in the field! Their mission will be an awesome experience for you and your family. . . . My Mission helps LDS missionaries organize and share their favorite missionary pictures, stories and experiences with their family and friends back home. It's very easy to use once you understand how it works. You will really enjoy having all of your missionary pictures, emails and stories organized in an App on the phone in your pocket and on the Web. When their mission is finished, you can also just hit the "Print" button to print a very nice set of Mission Books. Objective My Mission helps missionary parents organize and manage all the pictures and emails, etc. that their children send home from their mission. How it Works The basic concept is simple, you just (1) add the photos and emails, etc. that they send home to a database, and then (2) share the items that you like most with your family and friends. Everything that you add is confidential and you choose what to share. Step 1: Create Your Own Account People who are new to My Mission should (1) go to the website (, (2) click the "Login" link in the top-right corner, (3) click the "Create an Account" link in the popup, and (4) follow the instructions to fill in the form. Step 2: Create an Account for Your Missionary Next create a "missionary account" for your missionary. To do this, just (1) go to the My Mission website (, (2) click the "Login" link in the top-right corner to login, (3) use the "Missionary" menu at the top to select the "Add a Missionary" option, and then (4) just fill in the form. This will create a new missionary account that YOU manage and control. Step 3: Missionary Account Organization Next, go to your Missionary's home page. . . . My Mission automatically sets up a custom home page and several special content pages for each missionary. You can find your missionary's home page by either (1) logging in, going to the home page ( and clicking the Missionary's name (a link 1/2 down the page on the right), or by (2) using the "Missionaries" menu at the top to select the "Browse Missionaries," option and then finding and clicking their name in the directory of missionaries. The organization of your Missionary's website is very simple: Menu – The menu on the left gives you access to every page. Pages – Pages on the right display the content (photos and emails) that your missionary sends home. Missionary Admin – "Missionary Admin" (the last or bottom option in the left menu) is very IMPORTANT. It gives you full access to control everything in your missionary's account. Only users who have "Missionary Admin" rights can see and access the Missionary Admin pages. Step 4: Adding Content We provide 3 quick and easy ways for missionaries or Missionary Admins (parents) to add content (photos, emails, etc.). InContext Editing – My favorite way to add content is to use the blue "+Add" buttons located at the top-right of each page. So, for example, on the Letters page, there is a "+Letter" (Add Letter) button on the right. On the Pictures page, there is an "+Photos" (Add Photos) button on the right. ONLY users with "Missionary Admin" rights can see these "+Add" buttons. Other people visiting your missionary's website will not. All you do to add letters, pictures, etc. is (1) go to the page, (2) click the blue +Add button on the right, and (3) fill in the form and click Submit. Missionary Admin – The Missionary Admin page ALSO includes duplicate ways for you to add content. Only "Missionary Admins" (users with special rights) will see the Missionary Admin menu option in the left menu and can access the Missionary Admin page. The Missionary Admin page is a control panel that gives you full control of EVERYTHING in your missionary's account. You can add and edit any content, and you also have full access to a full range of settings that control how your missionary's website works. Automatically Loaded Via Email – Sending emails to your missionary's website is BY FAR the easiest way to add content. Every missionary is given a private My Mission email address. The easiest way to add pictures and emails it to send them to their private My Mission email address. For example, whenever I send an email to our missionary, I ALSO "cc" (copy) private My Mission email address. Whenever they send emails or pictures home, they "cc" the private My Mission email address too. These pcitures and emails are all the automatically processed and added to their account. (See "AutoPost Emails" below for information about this option.) Step 5: Let's Get Started Let's get started. . . . I encourage every Missionary Admin (missionary or their parents), to do 4 specific things first: Home Page – The first thing everyone wants to do is add their mission call information and missionary picture to the home page. This is easy . . . just (1) click "Home" in the left menu to go to your missionary's Home page. Then (2) click the blue "Edit" button on the right and (3) fill in the form. Upload your favorite missionary picture where it says "Missionary Photo" by clicking the "Choose File" button. Remember to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this form to save your changes. Add Photos – Let's add some pictures. . . . (1) click "Pictures" in the left menu to go to the Pictures page. Then (2) click the blue "+Photos" button on the right. When the "Add Photos" page comes up, (3) click the "Select Photos" button to upload your pictures. Several pictures can be upload at the same time. After your pictures are upload and saved, (4) on the Pictures page click any small photo to a large picture popup, then (5) click the small blue "Edit" button (at the bottom-right of the large picture) to add/edit the descriptive information about each picture. Print Photo Albums: After you've loaded a few pictures, try printing your own Missionary Photo Album to see how easy that is. On the Pictures page, just click the blue "PDF" print button in the top-right. The system will create a nice missionary Photo Album in PDF format ready to print. Add Emails – Let's add some emails (or letters). . . . (1) click "Letters" in the left menu to go to the Letters page. Then (2) click the blue "+Letter" on the right. When the "Add Letter" page comes up, (3) copy and paste the contents of your letter to the "Letter" field and fill out the form. Attach pictures to your letters by clicking the "Attach Photos" button in this form. Always save your work by clicking the blue Submit button at the bottom of the page. Print Mission Books: After you've loaded a few letters and pictures, try printing your own Mission Book to see how easy that is. On the Letters page, just click the blue "PDF" print button in the top-right. The system will create a nice Mission Book in PDF format organized with a Table of Contents and page numbers ready to print. AutoPost Emails – Now that you're an experienced user, let's use "AutoPost Emails" to automatically add pictures and emails for you. . . . (1) click "Missionary Admin" in the left menu to go to the Missionary Admin page. (Only Missionary Admins can see this page. It gives you full control of your Missionary's account.) (2) Click the blue "Automation" button to see the Automation sub-menu. (3) Click "More" button to open AutoPost Emails and find the private My Mission email address created for your missionary. Send any email to this private My Mission email address and it will automatically be processed and loaded into your missionary account. Finally, after you've sent (or forwarded) some emails to this private My Mission email address, ruturn to this Missionary Admin >> Automation (button), >> AutoPost Emails (feature) and click the "Process Email Now" button to force My Mission to process and load your emails. Check to make sure that your pictures and emails were processed and loaded correctly by looking at their respective pages. Experienced missionaries and parents will always use the "cc" (carbon copy) in their weekly emails to send their email to their missionary's private My Mission email address and use the system to automatically load their letters and pictures. That's it! Now you have it! You're an experienced user! All of the other pages in your missionary's website work the same. So now you know how to add content to any page. Please try to add the content you like to each page now. Good luck! Your mission is VERY important! We want My Mission to work perfectly for you. Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns.