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Why Use My Mission?

Your mission and pictures, letters and experiences are priceless! You will cherish them the rest of your life. Treat them as important and they will become VERY powerful and important. People use My Mission to: • Website or Blog – Create a central website (or blog) where people can view all of their missionary letters and pictures. • Mission Books – Create and print special Mission Books and photo albums after their mission. • Mobile Apps – Use organize and display their mission letters and pictures in a mobile app on their phone. • Safe and Secure – Their data is also in a professional data warehouse and backed up every night (not on their local computer). • Instant Access – They have quick and easy access to everything. Everything is digital, secure and searchable. Without My Mission We have some friends whose daughter is on a mission now. They don't use My Mission and just forward her emails to me every week. That makes me nuts! I don’t like getting them and I rarely have time to read them, here’s why. . . . Her emails are always large and bulky because of all the pictures. They take time to download (and costs $$$ on my data plan). I get a copy AND my wife gets ANOTHER copy. There are usually 2 or 3 emails every week that I have to open and organize (“guess” what the pictures are). I generally don’t have time to read the email when it comes. When I do get time, and try to catch up, I have to go back through all my emails and piece everything together. With My Mission On the other hand, we used My Mission for our own daughter who served a mission Argentina. We just (1) add her custom My Mission email address to all of our correspondence back and forth, and (2) all of our emails and pictures (both ours AND our daughters) were automatically loaded into the My Mission database every week. Our letters and pictures were automatically sorted and organized into chronological order. Everything was organized and visible (1) on her blog and (2) in the My Mission apps for her entire mission. When she came home, I printed copies of her Mission Books before her plane landed. When she left for college, she left with her entire mission (pictures and letters, etc.) in the My Mission app on her phone. Fifty years from now, with any smartphone or Internet access, she will be able to instantly access any picture, letter or story from her mission anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Another benefit is that it’s easy to share. If I run into one of my daughter’s friends and they want to get caught-up, they just install the app and instantly have access to everything. I don’t have to forward anything or help them to understand the timeline and get caught up. My daughter is home now. She has everything (1) on the web, (2) printed in her Mission Books, and (3) in the My Mission app on her phone in her pocket. THE APPs ARE WAY COOL AND EVERYONE LOVES THEM!!! Using your email system to store you missionary emails and pictures is like storing them in a box. Using My Mission is like digital scrapbooking. You organize everything into a website, Mission Books and the mobile apps that will benefit you and your family for the rest of your life. You can access, print, publish and share everything instantly. My Mission is so powerful, and so fun, that many people, including myself, are going back to add in their old missionary letters and pictures. I’m scanning in my old pictures and adding my old letters. I will have instant access to them online, they will all be searchable, and my posterity will all have access to them years and years from now. My Mission is the future! Check it out.