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Getting Started

We recommend that all missionaries setup an account and start using My Mission and our Called to Serve mobile app just as soon as they get their call.

  • Your Mission – Our Called to Serve app in particular has pictures and maps of your mission. It also has a Counter that will countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds until you leave. This app is fun for the missionary to download and share with their friends before they leave.
  • Loading Pictures – Many missionaries start uploading pictures before they leave. They usually load pictures of (1) their family and friends, (2) opening their mission call, (3) shopping, (4) going to the temple for the first time, (5) getting their missionary haircut, (5) speaking in church, (6) their open house, (7) saying goodbye at the airport, etc., etc. Many missionary Photo Albums start with a pre-mission chapter (i.e. "Pre-Mission, {City, State}") that show who the missionary was before they left for their mission.
  • Tell Your Friends   You can also help your family and friends download the Called to Serve app and load it on their phones. By sharing the app BEFORE you leave, everyone will be setup and can begin following your mission.
  • AutoPost Email Address   Make sure that your missionary and parents know their AutoPost Email address and test it before they leave. You should try sending one or two emails to this address before they leave (these emails can then be deleted). This way everyone will know how this feature works and can use it correctly from day one.

By using the Called to Serve app BEFORE you leave will get everyone off to a great start and you will hit the ground running.