April 24, 2017


Coos Bay, Oregon


Coos bay week 1!!

Hey y'all. Coos bay is my first area. It's right on the coast. It's
super interesting haha. It's really pretty but really rainy. It's
basically just really cold all the time, and we had no heat in our
apartment the first couple days but now it is fixed so everything is
good. Haha. My trainer is sister rhoton. She is super great! People
in Oregon are a little interesting. We have met some really just
awesome people and we have also had the door slammed in our face so
many times but for the most part people are pretty nice. This week we
were going to contact some potential investigators and we ran in to
this part member less active family and after we were done chatting we
started talking to another man and the wife of the less active family
came and asked us to eat dinner with them. Keep in mind me and sister
rhoton already had dinner plans. But we look at each other and just
think we can eat twice to spend more time with this family and get
them to come back to church. Hahah so needless to say that was an
interesting night for sister rhoton and I. Haha we also have this
"investigator" who loves to read the Book of Mormon and just loves
church, but she won't have the missionary discussions and she won't
get baptized. Haha but we are trying to work with her and she is just
the nicest lady! We have a few other investigators. One is Katie and
she is a hoot. Last night during our lesson she almost died at the
fact that sister rhoton and I have never gotten drunk or smoked weed.
(The first time we met Katie she was stoned and drunk but told us we
could come back to teach her a lesson haha). We still have work to do
with her but she is coming around. Anyway that's really all for this
week. Hopefully you all had a wonderful Easter. Love you all!

Also my address is
190 1/2 s camman st coos bay OR 97420

Sister Maddock


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