April 15, 2017


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Week 3!

Hey everyone!
I hope everything is going well back at home. I'm doing great here at
the mtc. I'm getting super excited to leave and head to Oregon on
Wednesday. So I have a quick story to share that was super cool. So we
have been learning to work with members during our lessons, so one of
our teachers came with me and my companion to teach our investigator
Rae. We were teaching her about the Holy Ghost and confirmation. She
had let us know that she had not really been able to "feel" if this
was the right church for her. Then during this lesson she started to
tear up and said "I want this, why does everyone else not want this.
This church is so true". It was the most powerful experience, and I
was so grateful to have brother croft (the member) in there to be able
to relate with Rae and share his testimony with her. That experience
got me super excited to be able to go to Oregon and teach. I can't
really remember what else I did this week. Other than that nothing to
exciting. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Remember to make Christ
the center as you are celebrating on Sunday. He has done so much for
all of us, and it's easy to loose sight of him when we are all caught
up in the worlds idea of Easter. So everyone just remember Christ! I
love you all, and the next time I talk to you I'll be in Oregon.

Sister Maddock


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