July 9, 2018


Central Point, Oregon


Sister Knight

2nd to last transfer

Hey everyone!

So I realize my letters the past couple weeks have been really lame, and I am sorry about that haha.

So we are teaching this little boy before his baptism. His parents are members and he turns 8 in August. His mom just asked us to do the lessons with him to make sure he knew why he was getting baptized. His name is Braden. So we had a lesson with him on Monday and he is so smart! He told us that he always thought taking the sacrament was just snack time but it always tasted better than normal! He's a crack up!

The fourth of July was a blast! During the day to get all the missionaries out working we just sent selfies of us handing out copies of the Book of Mormon in our group chat. I'll send the collage we made of all of them! So as we were out we met this lady named Becky. She opened the door and asked if we had youth groups. We were like uhhh YES! So we talked with her for a while and she also took a Book of Mormon and we are going to go back this week! Then that night we all got together as missionaries in the zone and we just got to play basketball and make smores. Our mission president didn't want us out that night. So I can't remember if I told y'all but this transfer us missionaries in the zone decided to sacrifice something to bring forth the blessings of heaven. Like time, fear, disobedience, etc. So that night we got foam swords and wrote our sacrifice on them and burried them like the Anti- Nephi- Lehies! (Alma 23) They burried their weapons to show God they weren't going to shed blood anymore, so we burried ours to show God we were going to do that thing anymore!

Saturday we did a lot of tracing and we met this lady named Lisa. She said she had almost hit some elders on their bikes and she talked with them and took a Book of Mormon and has read it every day since!! She is so cool. She is going out of town and so we will go see her on 2 weeks. The Lord also led us to a lady we had been looking for. The sisters before us told us about this lady but we couldn't find her. But we went to go to a return appointment her husband had set up, but we didn't know they were married because we didn't see her last time! Heavenly Father is mindful of his children!!!

I also got to see one of my first sister training leaders. She went home after my 2nd transfer, and now I only have 1 after this one. Crazy how time flies. But I love every second of serving the Lord. That doesn't mean it's always easy but it's always worth it! 

Sister Maddock


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