February 12, 2018


Coquille, Oregon


Sister Minor

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Hey everyone! So I am getting transferred. I am going to go to Eugene to be with sister knight. This is only her 2nd transfer so still kinda new to the mission. I am excited to go to a new area, but I really just love Coquille with all my heart. The members here are the best and even though we didn't have a huge teaching people, those we were teaching are incredible! They are going to put elders in here because there weren't enough sisters coming into the mission. 
This week we met with Jessica a couple times. She is doing good! She came to a baptism yesterday. It was for a little girl in our ward. She really enjoyed it and she asked the golden question. "Why do you think your church is the correct one and the one I should be baptized in?" We talked about the Priesthood authority that Jesus Christ had and how it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, and that authority makes the baptism lasting here on earth and in heaven. Ahh she is just soo good! She cleaned out her coffee pot and made us hot water for herbal tea. She said she rinsed it out a couple times because she knows we don't drink coffee. I just really hope that the elders will take good care of her! 
We have also been teaching this less active family! (Photo attached) They are super awesome. They have been returning to activity and the two twin boys actually just got the Priesthood! I love those 2 boys. They are hilarious and always call me sister Maddog. 
I am looking forward to what this next area brings and I know that the Lord places us where we need to be. I'm grateful for my time here in Coquille even though it was short. 
Sister Maddock


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