January 29, 2018


Coquille, Oregon


Sister Minor

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Hey everyone!! 
Time seriously just flies by. Today I have been out for 10 months! There is no where that I would rather be!! This week was kinda crazy. Our investigator Jessica doesn't have a phone and so it has been super hard to stay in touch with her. Luckily now that we have facebook, she has been able to find wifi, and we can contact her through there. She is awesome. She has been going to some of the curch activities with her neighbor, who is a member. We are going to go over there tonight and have a lesson with her! YAY! :) 
Friday me and my companion went to a place called Roseburg and exchanged companions, so my companion could go to the temple because she is going home. So my temporary companion and I were in Roseburg waiting for some other sisters to come back and pick us up so we could have a place to stay. Well the Elders who were organizing all of it forgot to call those other sisters and tell them we were coming. So we sat at Ross untill 8:45 pm haha. But it ended up working out. We called some other sisters and stayed with them. So I did some work in Roseburg and it was a ton of fun! That area is more city like and so it was a lot different than Coquille. 
Yesterday we had a conference in Coos Bay where there was a broadcast to only a specific part of the world (I cant remember what they said lol). But it was really cool and we got to hear from Elder Christoffersen of the quorum of the twelve Apostles. So since we had not really been in our area all week we worked super hard yesterday. We met this lady named Char. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and met sisters like 6 months ago. But sometimes people fall through the cracks and she was one of them!! Luckily the Lord is on our side and led us to her. :) We are going to meet with her next Friday!! 
Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes!! It was so fun to be able to see my cute family I worked with in Coos Bay! They are so sweet and got me a photo album of all our pictures together. Also perks of a small town, the guy who owned the shop where we had cake, gave everyone in there free icecream for my birthday!! I love it here in Coquille, and I know  this is where the Lord needs me!! :)  

Sister Maddock


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