September 13, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker


Hello friends and family!! So I have officially been on a mission for 1 week!! AHHHHH mission life is crazy! I feel like I just got here and at the same time I feel like I've been here my whole life. Sometimes I forget that there are people out in the world that take naps. What is a nap? sounds nice.
I am tired ALL THE TIME. The food here at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) is super nast. I miss Mom's food and also Rib shack hahaha. If anyone can figure out how to send smoothie bowls please advise. Seriously I think I've had biscuits and gravy like 4 times hahaha. I am not going to be so great in Russia if I cant even stand to food here!
Also I think my tongue hates me right now because learning Russian is SO HARD. I am in a constant fight with my tongue and my tongue is winning. I am reaaaalllyyyy bad at Russian!
My companion, Sister Tucker is super duper awesome though. And she is really helping me with the language. And I help her to not do cartwheels. In a skirt. In the cafeteria. Seriously we call her Officer Hopps from Zootopia she is like a tiny ball of energy. I am most definitely the sloth in that movie (or maybe the moose "we're a naturalist club!" bc I forgot my razor and also my credit card...).
But I love all the girls that came in with me! Two of them already know Russian!! What the!!! One is Ukrainian so she grew up speaking Russian! Super duper cool. And she is going to serve a mission is Washington Russian speaking! Crazy! There are 3 other sisters going to Siberia with me: my comp and two others sisters (who are also super cool!) and then a couple other elders but my mission is going to be so small.
I love choir here! The teacher/conductor is a cool dude! He will stop in the middle of a song and read a scripture or tell a story and you totally forget you're in choir and then he just picks back up again. There are SOOO many people in the MTC 600. ALSO SAD NEWS WE DON'T GET TO SING IN GENERAL CONFERENCE...I DON'T GET TO BE ON TV WHAT THE HECK. Still kinda salty about that.
Also is is so pretty here and I am trying really hard not to complain about the heat b/c I know I'll be missing it soon.
Also we play lots of sports during excersise time and I remembered a couple days ago why I dont play soccer. Really glad I'm not going to Brazil or something where they would make fun of me so hard!
Also I've learned so much about the gospel of Jesus Christ! Friends God is so real and he wants to love and bless you so hard! Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and he has done everything for you, all you need to do is accept his mercy and he will make up for all the pains, afflictions, and temptations (temptations? oh you mean all the attractive young men cruising all around the MTC?????).
Fun fact, the gift of tongues is real. I cannot speak Russian, but the language of the spirit is understandable to everyone. We have "investigators," people that are interested in learning more about what Mormons believe and we met one named KHENY (pronouced "Kassenya) and she only speaks Russian! So we had to teach her about our religion in a language we don't know and expect her to get something out of it. Every time we taught her (4 times already!) we were messing up words and couldn't really understand her, but the Spirit was there. Every time. Because the spirit of God testifies of truth and that's all that we were saying. Sooo cool.
So ya I think that's it! IM SO EXCITED TO BE HERE ALSO SEND FOOD EVERYONE I get hungry at like 10 o clock every night.
Love and miss you all!!

Sister Wilcox

PS: Hey send me a "dear elder"!!! It's a website where you can go on and type me a letter and they print it out here and I get it the same day! actually super duper cool.

PPS: This is my MTC address for real letters (and packages)

Sister Madeline Elizabeth Wilcox
2005 N 900 E Unit 226
Provo UT 84602


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