February 18, 2019





Doggos and Miracles

This week was AWESOME!
It finally warmed up and today is a -1!!! So we are going on this hike and I don't have time to write much more.
The weeks are flying by and we are having a lot more work. I finally met one of our investigators, and yesterday her daughter came to church! it was awesome! She works every Sunday, but she wants to come and she had her cousin take her daughter to church.
I took a lot of pictures this week to make up for all the times i didn't take some haha and i'll send that home today.

***Miracle of the week(one of them): I was having a hard day, sorta just being gloomy. We were walking to church and I just started crying on the street! haha Sister Ibragimova is like "what's wrong with you?" and I'm like "I just want to cry ok!" I was trying to calm myself down and so was Sister I and then she says "Sister look!" and I look up and all I see is this dot in the distance slowly growing larger and larger. Then, I realize its a tiny fat doggo and he was running right at us! He ran up at us and went straight to me and just sat there and wagged his tail and rolled over in the snow so we could rub his tummy and then a thought came to my mind "maybe God sent me this dog so I could calm down and be happy again..." and as soon as I thought that I felt peace, and the dog just up and shot off! Sister Ibragimava and I just stood there laughing saying "what just happened?" and seriously it made our whole day. we headed off again towards the church and Sister Ibragimava said "God just sent you that dog Sister Wilcox, look how much He knows you and loves you!" and its so true! seriously it was exactly what I needed to make me feel better. I love doggos (miss you Hyrum) and Heavenly Father somehow worked it out that that dog could be right there when I needed it.
sorta a silly story but hey,

8 ¶ For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Love you all,
Sister Wilcox


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