February 4, 2019





haapppy haaapppyy

here is your coldest volunteer

its -30

my eyelashes keep freezing

Sister Ibragimava constantly says "i am shocking" (I'm shocked)
I've given out more copies of the Book of Mormon in Krasnoyarsk than in my whole mission.

I'm really cold

Snow is pretty

We got mad at the elders and they keep on giving us brownies.

President Lamb called me out in the middle of zone conference for losing 10 pounds... thanks??

We got a referral from the senior couple in Vladivostok (they're Russian) about a friend in Krasno. We called her and she was like "yeah... i mean... i would love to help you if you ever need it..." and we were like "what" but then she texted us asking to meet. We spent almost 3 hours answering her questions, teaching parts of all the lessons, and gave her a Book of Mormon. we meet with her this Thursday!

I was reading from the church magazine and read this line "To belong to God and to each other in covenant belonging is to smile in unexpected places as we see with eyes to see and hear with ears to hear." and I thought back to yesterday morning;
we jumped on a bus to get to church and I was sitting there just thinking. The person next to me was wearing a fur coat and the person in front of me a fur hat that still had the tail, and we were all sitting there bumping along as the bus driver drove us maybe a little too fast down the road, sliding (literally) into every bus stop. The windows were all iced up and a kid two rows in front of me was etching something into to window while a row of babushki towards the front were by some miracle, all fast asleep.
And there I was, with the biggest smile on my face. I love Russia! I love the cold and the babuski and the stray dogs and the strollers on sleds! I love my mission and I'm so blessed. Its so hard to explain to people why life is so happy, but I tell you that it all starts with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. My church and my religion is the center of my life, and sometimes I find myself smiling on cold smelly buses because I'm just so happy.
God loves us so much and I know that He wants all of his children to smile on cold smelly buses.
So be happy my droogs.
His arms are extended constantly. He is ready to give you peace, comfort, and happiness.

Love you all!
I would say stay warm but y'all aren't in Siberia so I know you're already warm.
Sister Wilcox


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