October 28, 2018




Sister Blanchard


Its getting closer to winter and the weather is resisting. Some days it snows and some the sun is out without a cloud in sight. So we basically just always bring out hats and scarfs if it goes above freezing.
We did some service this week and it was so much fun! also way funny. We just chopped off, well sawed off branches for a less active member. she was very grateful, but when i went to hug her she did one of those awful things that babushki sometimes do. The im-just-gonna-stand-here-and-let-you-hug-me thing that I hate and always makes me feel so awkward. haha.
I can't think of anything else super exciting. Sister Blanchard is a chef I'm telling you I'm eating well. Gotta get fat for the winter.
I read this scripture the other day and it got me thinking:
"And also the Lord will remember the prayers of the righteous, which have been put up unto him for them."
I know that God answers prayers, from anyone, but what is different about the "righteous"?
I remembered a short video called A Shower of Heavenly Blessings (go watch it!)
It talks about how God wants to bless us and wants to help us but most of the time that things that stop him from doing so, is just us not being obedient to his commandments, and so he can't bless us.
That's a strange thing to say that God cant do something. However we know that "there is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated- And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated."
We can't work our way to heaven by doing our best. We will all fall short. That's why we have the atonement. Christ will make up for everything if we turn to him and follow his commandments, therefore becoming perfected in him, or righteous.
Basically my friends, It is easier for God to bless us when we are following his commandments and relying on him in everything, and when we are simply righteous (however its not always simple to be rightous!).
I hope that made sense.
For those of you who are trying your hardest, keep going. He is very very very aware of you!
For those you you are are maybe not trying your hardest, He is very very very aware of you, and I promise he still answers your prayers too! If you feel otherwise, think for a second about whether or not He is the one witholding blessings or if you are the one walking about with your umbrella up.

I love you all so very much!
Sister Wilcox

1. Me and Sister MacCabe on our way to Barnaul
2. sneg ("snow" in Russian)
3. We carried this whiteboard for the sisters on Right bank all the way through the city and in the metro and everyone thought we were crazy haha
4. service at Natalia's


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