September 28, 2018




Sister Wilford


Privet friends and family!!

Sorry I don't have a ton of time today here are some highlights

1. recently this Russian baub asked us what we (me and my companion here, she's from florida) what we do to keep our teeth so clean and we were like "...uhh we brush them..?" and she was like you're so lucky and we said but you have good teeth too!! (they were like yellowing a bit but she's way old and everyone has bad teeth so we were like ya you've got great teeth! and then she popped them out right in from of us was was like "they're not mine!!!" hahaha it was hilarious and sorta scary but thats ok haha

2. Another baub at church said "oh no! I came to church without my tooth!" baubs...

3. In Russian, "rollercoaster" directly translates to "american mountains" hahah I don't think that's how all american mountains are.

4. Sundays are my favorite days. I love them so much. The people here in Novo are so amazing and in this bigger branch they sorta have had to warm up to me and I think they finally are warmed up.

5. I forgot my camera sorry

6. I said this back in the mtc but we are here to learn so if you feel like you are not learning, you are not living. Learn something new or open the scrptures and learn something more.

I love you all and sorry for the lame email but I have no time today.

Also I've decided to learn piano and Arabic this week.

Also bye have a good one!!!
Sister Wilcox


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