August 5, 2018




Sister Wilford

Missions are the Best!!!

Hello Everyone!
sorry i have been so bad about my weekly letters!!! seriously its just so crazy over here sometimes it gets lost is the mix.

Things are great in Novosibirsk!!! It keeps of raining on us. its like the little thing at the groccery store when they mist the vegtables... except the vegtables are us and the mist is strait bukets of water.

We dont really have any investigators right now.. so we are just looking for them! its been lots of fun and we have tons of really cool potentials! I love wandering the park and asking random questions to get people talking. It funny it ranges anywhere from "can i practice my Russian with you?" to "I cant read Russian what does this statue say?" haha my favorite is to find the babushki in the park and to ask them about the history of the city. those interaction usually end up about triple as long as the others hahaha!

This week I went to OMSK!! I served with Sister Tucker!!! (my companion from the MTC) sorry i forgot to take a picture but ya it was so cool! As an STL I conduct companion exchanges (where you switch companions for a day) and basically my job is the inspire people and to be a perfect example... AHHH! But it went really well and we both learned a lot! We also did some finding and you better belive i beelined straight to some babushki and we talked to them for a long time haha telling them basic things about the church if they asked. way cool!! they told us that they heard our accents and thought we were from the baltics, not america (that is a russian compliment by the way!) and we were so happy! it was so crazy to swap stories with her and to talk about life and mission and everything. She is a trainer right now and we just laughed about how we are leading the mission and we still feel like we just left the MTC. She asked me "do you love your mission?" and i think that is the 5th or 6th person to have asked me lately so maybe i dont express it enough.

My mission is way hard. It has been the hardest thing i have ever done and i have cried a couple (a lot) of times (sometimes over stray dogs...) and i am pushing my mental, physical and spiritual campacities every day and im so tired like all the time. But i am so happy. This work, this mission, is the greatest girft God has every given me. I love Russia SO MUCH it hurts. Everything from stray dogs to russians making you take pictures in front of floweres to babushki telling you about the soviet union to mystery meats to crazy weather gives me life. I love the gospel and I know its true. I remember hearing thing about mission from everyone but you dont really quite understand until you go.
basically its awesome. and to anyone who is considering it, do it. It doesnt matter how ready you think you are or how little you know the coolest thing about this work is that God is working right along with you. "when you are on the Lord's errend, you are entitled to the Lord's help." and he does help! Like um hello, i can speak Russian! its been 11 months (today actually yay me) and i speak a different language! I litterally see miracles every day.

No im not serving a typical mission. Im a volenteer in Russia where we dont proslyte and mainly build up the church. but i see miracles everyday because God is with us!

I love my mission and i love you all and do something to help someone else today!

Sister Wilcox


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