July 16, 2018




Sister Wilford

Beware of Fruit Stands

Sister Wilcox ran out of time two weeks ago so here's her letter from two weeks ago. She ended up sending two last week. This past week's letter will also be sent today.
Sorry everyone I just realised that I havent sent pictures in like YEARSSS
Happy 4th of July!!
We celebrated by eating Watermelon and singing the star spangled banner out our window as loud as we could. well i sand and sister Koralova and sister wilford ate the watermelon...
We had a great week here in Novo runnign around meeting with people. The work here is similar to that in Irkutsk-we work with Babushki again haha
Our investigator that was singing during her prayer dropped off of the face of the earth... she got a new phone and we cant contact her. But she knows where the church is, and knows what time we have a service on Sunday so maybe someday shell wander back in i hope.
Since its a new month we got our MSF (money for rent, grocceries, etc) and let me tell you sister Koralova LOVES ice cream and so like half od my MSF for the month is gone because we served with her for a couple days haha.
OK STORY TIME: This is a sad story so be preapared. Not sad because a dog died but because of the actions I took. So there is this fruit stand across the street from the church and there is this dude (Mesha) who works there and like we are volenteers and representitive of Jesus Christ so we always say hi to him. This last Thursday after returning our "добрый день" (good day) like usual, Mesha asked "are you students?" and we struck up a conversation and he was really nice and gave us a plum (his fruit is way expensive but pretty good) and then he was all confused about why we were here and how we were doing work without pay and we tried to explain it but he is also not Russian but from Azjerbajian, and he could not understand. Then he started asking about our passports and stuff and asked if we had any significant other in our life and keep in mind this guy is like almost 40, and so we said, my passport is none of your business and no and we DON'T DATE HERE. and I think he didn't understand and I think I didn't understand but then he gave us more free fruit and when I asked "are you interested in knowing more about why we are here and what we do (hint hint wink wink we want to teach you about out church!) he sorta didn't understand but got our number (mistake #1) and basically since then he has been calling us over asking when we are going to "come visit him" and also he couldn't say "Veelkoks" (wilcox) for the life of him so I told him he could call me "Veeka" (mistake #2) and now he's like calling all the time saying "Veeka I miss you, come visit me" and Sister Wilford keeps on saying that he wants to marry me and move to America haha but long story short we take the long way to the church now.
So ya that was our week!
Love you all!
Sis Wilcox


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