June 6, 2018


Ulan Ude


Sister Dolinar

My First Heartbreak

This last week I got a hinting letter from President Lamb that I would be a senior companion!
I was a bit surprised, but both Sister Dolinar and I sorta knew that she would be leaving. We were very sad and Sister Dolinar didnt want to leave, but we got over it and continued to work.
Transfer calls came and President Lamb told me I would be leaving!
We were both super surprised and I of course was in shock. It is very rare that we only stay for one transfer so neither one of us expected for me to go! It was so sad and saying goodbye to everyone has been really hard. Honestly probably harder than Irkutsk. I knew I was leaving there but here I had no idea and it really broke my heart.
But we had a really good week. We started off my going to Theature Baikal. We saw some buriatian danacing and singing. Sadly pictures weren't allowed... so all the ones I got aren't super good hahaha.
It finally warmed up and we walked around a lot. One stop by to a less active member took us way out into the boonies and we get some sick pictures. I love ulan ude!
So ya I can't really think of anything us super exciting. Ulan ude has been amazing to me and I will miss it so much. I'm so glad that I know that God has a plan for us and my personal plan from God is waiting for me in Novosibirsk. I know that I served here with everything in me and I have no regrets (except maybe to have taken more pictures!). I love Buritatia and hope to return here someday but for now... here I come Novosibirsk!
Love you all and hope you are enjoying summer. Camp, swim, and watch the stars for me!
Sister Wilcox


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