May 21, 2018


Ulan Ude


Sister Dolinar

We met a zombie!

Thanks to the experience I have had in Russia, I now will survive a zombie apocalypse.
This week was so great! Full of lots of rich experiences!
First off, the zombie thing. We were on our way to some buddhist temples for Preperation Day activity, and we were behind the city in the middle of NOWHERE. I loved it! And we were waiting in this tiny bus to go, and it was only me and Sister Dolinar, and the bus driver. The bus driver left, I think to smoke a cigarette or something, and so it was just me and Sister Dolinar in this tiny bus, in the middle of nowhereland.
Then this ZOMBIE I swear came up to the bus and was looking in. This dude's clothes were ripped and tattered and he looked like he got beat up from donkey kong. His eyes were black and sunken and his skin was like all droopy. He was on somethin' I'm tellin you. So he just sorta draggs himself up to the bus, and me and Sister Dolinar and praying that he doesn't say something like "brains..." or speak at all actually. He kinda stuck his head in and looked around and just stood there and looked at us. I was looking out the window and didn't want to turn my head for fear that he would speak, so I sorta angled myself so I could see him in the reflection on the window. then the stench hit us. I don't want to even try to describe it, but man he smelled like death. He took a deep breath and sorta yelled a question at us. we mumbled "I don't know" and he walked off. No worries mom, he was actually just a really drunk dude, but man it was an experience! Good to know if I ever encounter a zombie, ignoring him would be the best option.

The work here in Ulan Ude is good. We got canceled on a lot, so honestly we sorta just walked around and made some friends. Nothing too interesting with the actually missionary work I'm doing haha. Sorry. We did have a Hawaiian activity! That was fun. Sister Dolinar has all the pictures. I'll try to get them next week. (OH DaNG IT I FORGOT ABOUT VICTORY day AGAIN! I'M SORRY!! NEXT WEEK TOO) Basically because I lived in Hawaii for a couple months for school, everyone here thinks I'm Hawaiian. So I lived in hawaii for 9 months. When I get to nine months in Russia I'll be russian! yayyy!!!
We went to the Buddhist center in Russia, and I saw a dead guy! According to their belief, he was a monk who reach Nirvana in the praying position. Sadly photos were not allowed, but not gonna lie I'm pretty sure hes just dead. He sorta looked like a mummy in a monk costume. really interesting, and I'm really grateful I got to go. There was a very sacred feeling there. I love to see people in whatever way they can, trying to better themselves. Even if it is praying to a dead man.

Ok I can't really just leave that there. Yes of course I respect all religions and I know that there are good people in every religion but quite frankly the only way to find true happiness in this life and eternal life in the next is through the principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the true gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know this and can say it without doubt because I received a witness, a knowing you could say, from the Holy Ghost, who is a testifier of truth, that this church is the only church that has the power and authority to preach the gospel and administer the ordinances of salvation. I'm just a regular human, but I did receive revelation that this church is true. And the whole reason I'm here in Russia is to tell people that they can receive it too. They can know for themselves! Its amazing! I know that this church is really the Restored Church of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. And you can know too! What a wonderful message that is!

Love you all! (no matter what you believe!)

Sister Wilcox


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