April 23, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

"She is a beast of Righteousness"

So ever since 'ive been in Irkutsk, we have been looking for service opportunities. Most cities have had places that they go for service for many generations of missionaries but for some reason Irkutsk just never got around to it.
And maybe I know why! its been a struggle to find somewhere to do service. BUT our AMAZING relief society president (leader over the womens organization) found a dog shelter for where we could serve. And, man you all are aware that I love puppers. like LOVE. and there are sooo many stray dogs here that its so so hard for me to not take them in. Again, I'm sorry I probably won't send videos or pictures (you'll just have to catch me in a year and a half) so i'll paint a picture as best as i can...
We (all the volunteers and Sister Karina the president) meet at the church and she stuffs us all in her car and we head off. We were told that the place was behind the city (man why do I keep on believing people?) but then we drove WAY out into the middle of nowhere. Did I feel like I was in Siberia. Tiny, muddy houses on dirt roads with broken down fences littered the countryside. Karina, at one point, had to swerve and screech to a halt because cows started crossing the road. We drove and drove and we drove out of this tiny town and even farther on these hills. Finally, this house pops up over a hill and we pulled over and hopped out, having reached our destination. immediatley we hear- dogs. like tons of dogs. We meet the sweet lady who loved Americans and she opened up the fence for us and
I think I started crying. It was about 3 acres FULL OF DOGS. You couldn't walk like 4 steps without being in the line of another dog. I honestly want to say there were hundreds of dogs. The lady told us that most of the dogs had cancer (*sheds tear*) and that they would die soon. I was so happy though to SERVE THESE DOGS. I mean, serving people would have been idea, but this was one step below that so I wasn't complaining. She then leads us to this fenced area and tells us to wait. Then, she starts THROWING DOGS in after us and says ( well in russian) "PLAY WITH THEM!" so we spend easily an hour just playing with these sick mangy dogs and I think I got a glimpse of the celestial kingdom. It was so fun (we cleaned up their poop later...) and I cried and ya it was great.
I don't have a lot of time to write anything else, but basically dogs are great.
Love you all. God loves you. remember wickedness was never happiness! The way to find joy is in and through Jesus Christ!
Sister Wilcox
oh also the title is from what elder Stringfellow said about Sister Karina


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