April 2, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Woah Trios

Ok so I've got a lot today! So many great things happened and also I've got so much patience. I'm literally mad at them everyday for one thing or another but I'm getting faster at getting over it! haha
Sister Melton and Sister Wilkinson and I are still trying to get used to each other. Seriously I love these two girls so much and Sister Melton especially keeps me laughing.
This week for a Nina update: Its gotten warm enough for me to take off my huge trashbag coat and go down to my red coat that I brought from America that is pretty thin. So I wore it the other day to Ninas and as we walked in she turned to Sister Melton and was like "New Sister?" (she has really poor eyesight) and Sister Melton was like "... no" and then I said something and she must of recognized my voice because she screeaaamed "AHHHH WAIT ITS JUST YOUUU" and we all lost it. And Nina was laughing and proceeded to tell us that all her enemies wear red so she was really scared when I walked in but then when she knew it was me, she was proud, because she knew that I was wearing red just to trick the enemies. Then she was really feeling it, so she decided to sing to us her version of "I am a Child of God" that she Russified. Its the right words but she sings it all funny. and she's got an all scratchy baubushki voice so it was I think it was the highlight of my week.
Also, mom I'm sorry I forgot to tell you but I went to a ballet! I went a couple p days ago to Cinderella and it was really good. I cried. But they didn't have a live orchestra which made me way sad, and also it wasn't the Moscow group but man do I love ballets! It was so pretty and again I lost all hope that I will ever be graceful. Its fineeee.
Sister Wilkinson is a super consecrated missionary aka she is not messing around here. She talks to everyone, and she has only been here for two months so even I don't really understand her haha but she just goes for it. And she is so so loud! haha now I understand why people here think of us as loud Americans! She talks so loudly and sings on the streets in English and sometimes even I am like "crazy American." but her faith and enthusiasm for this work is contagious. I talked to more strangers this week than any other week on the mission. Since there are three of us, we are able to do more finding, talk to more people at church, and seriously we got so much done. Trios are literally NUTS but also I'm actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.
We met with Ploy finally and she said some of the coolest sweetest things, like "I don't like to ask God for lots of things. I want to thank him, and I want him to be happy. But I like to ask for knowledge. Because that is really so much better than things." We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she absorbed it all. It was amazing! We talked about the Fall of Adam and Eve, and Sister Smith (the sweet senior couple here are the Smiths, and we asked her to come on the lesson) went WAY farther into Adam and Eve than we had planned, and I was horrified because man, I still don't understand that stuff! But ploy took it in stride, and totally agreed with it and loved it. She is so prepared and she doesn't even know it haha. I wish she wasn't so busy!
Also I have really been studying Isaiah and I want so bad for Christ to come again! Be forewarned, you will want the second coming to happen if you study it!
But ya I think that this whole trio thing has been so good for me. I was getting too comfortable, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn something new. I am so grateful that God gives us things that are hard to help us grow, and supports us in them the whole time. My favorite word is "восможнесть" which means "opportunity" because I'm absolutely certain that whatever you are going through, if you just look at is as an opportunity of some sort, you will find that that trial is a gift.
Love you all and Happy Easter! Watch conference for me! I might only get to watch it in Russian :(
Sister Wilcox


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