February 16, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Week of Miracles

Seriously this was one for the books.
And you want to know why?? Because i've been so silly and I havn't been writing down tender mercies in my planner or journal, and I remember my teacher in the MTC saying that she did that her whole mission and no wonder she loved her mission! As I have been writing down the little miacles of the day, I have been noticing God's hand in everything. He is so involved in this work and seriously I don't know how anyone could say this work that missionaries do is anything less than the work of God.
So we met with one of our investigators, who has been investigating for a year now, and we had a really good lesson. We talked about charity and love and at the end when I said "we love you" I remembered my first lesson with her and I also said that and she said "no you don't you don't even know me. Don't say that I know you're lying." So I felt prompted to ask her if she believed us when we said that. She said no. NO?!?! I've been here for months and spend hours pouring over lessons for her in English and Russian and she doesn't believe that I love her! Which leads to a bigger problem is that she doesn't believe God loves her. I started crying, and our investigator is a sympathetic cry-er so then we were both crying. Sister Melton wouldn't cry if you chopped her toe off, so she was just sitting there trying to get this lil 'pity party stopped, and at this moment I thought this lesson had spiraled out of control and there was no coming back. But then she said something about how hard it was to believe that someone loves you when you can't love yourself. and suddenly BAM the holy ghost told both me and Sister Melton that when this investigator could learn to love herself, she would become converted. So that was a great lesson and after we finished wiping our tears, we laughed and set up the next meeting (next week) and now we finally know how to help this investigator. For so long no one has really known why she isn't getting baptized and why she did feel ready but how can you feel ready to be baptized if you don't know God loves you? if you hate yourself and think that you are unworthy of forgiveness? That was a moment for us and I hope that we can help her come closer to God by getting baptized! Also remember Moonoh from like years ago?? The adorable investigator who hugged the Book Of Mormon and then went MIA? SHE'S BACKKKKK She came to church for the first time and really liked it! and we are meeting with her this week!!! Also our cute friend Ploy, that we met on the street who is from Thailand, became our investigator! I think at a total of 3, we have the most investigators in the whole mission! Seriously this never happens. And I was in Korea for the first lesson with Ploy, but we had a second lesson with her (and google translate because both her Russian and her English aren't so great) and we were planning on teaching the Plan of Salvation but we sat down and she said "why do you believe in God?" and our lesson went out the window. Neither one of us had ever taught anyone who didn't at least believe in God so this will be awesome! She was so nervous that she had so many doubts but seriously Ploy wants to find God more than anyone I've met. She was soooooooo happy when we told her doubts were ok and that she could ask questions. She told us that in her school in Thailand, it was discouraged to ask questions about religion, so we really had to coax some of them out of her. She told us that she liked praying to God, and that she felt like she could tell him things that she couldn't tell anyone else. She said that when she prayed she felt peace in her mind and in her heart (yeah seriously this girl is so ready) and we explained that is the Holy ghost, or the Spirit of God, confirming to her that God was real and that He was listening. She smiled ear to ear and I cried (ya i cry everyday...its alwasy a happy cry unless I see a stray dog) and she was so happy and ahhhhh so much happinesss!!!! Seriously there is so much joy in this gospel!
Nina is doing good, she said some funny stuff and gave us lots of examples of how the "enemies" have been with her for 20 years and how much of a trial it has been for her. Her cats are doing good. Its warming up (like -20 C) and yesterday we saw a camel.
I'm so sorry I tried so hard but for some reason my pictures aren't working.
I'll try to send a lot next week!
love youuuuu!!!!
Sister Wilcox


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