February 2, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Called to Slip

Ok this week was awesome!!!!!! It was also so so so so so cold and I'm so DONE with it but luckily so is everyone else here and its warming up (like 0 degrees C) and so I'm way happy! But I think if you counted all the times Sister Melton and I slipped this week you would run out of fingers. It was so cold that all the roads and sidewalks managesd to be so slippery and we were just sliding all over the place! This past week we got transfer calls and I am STAYING IN IRKUSK!!! I am so so so happy! I love it here with all my heart and I'm so so glad I get to serve here for another month or so! This week I forgot to take notes to remember what to write down so I don't have anything interesting. I'm so sorry. We went to a babs house and tried to teach her about Joseph Smith (she is a member) and she told us that Joseph didn't see God and Jesus Christ but rather they were aliens because its "easier to believe." ....nice try Nellie we all just know you're crazy.
Besides that we went to a couple peoples houses and met with our investigator ( it went really well! but she's been investigating for a year so hahaha) and Sister Melton (who doesn't really like meat in general) was given the wrong dish and ate RABBIT!! She was way sad after and kept on saying "thumper....poor thumper..." and I just laughed.
I also slipped and sliced my toe ( on a door at home) and I was limping around the past couple days but its getting better! (shout out to my Dad for making the best and most extensive first aid kit ever)
Honestly I'm the worst! This week flew by so I only took one picture and its of my "garbanzo beans"
So we go tot the market for food (its way cheaper) and of course, me being me, have a slight problem with ordering in bulk. So I LOVE chick peas, and they are some of the few beans that I like that I have found here in Russia that I like so I asked for a kilogram (I don't know what that is converted. sorry) and I got home and was so happy (I was gonna make hummus, and roast some for a crunchy snack, and cook some for meal prep) BUT THEY WERE SPLIT PEAS. I WAS SO MAD. I ASKED FOR CHICK PEAS. so now I have a TON of split peas and no chick peas and I guess I'll just be eating split pea soup for the rest of my mission.
Love you all and stay tuned because I'm going to Korea this week!
Sister Wilcox
(Maddie is on a visa trip to Seoul Korea this week. She'll be traveling with a few other Volunteers and will leave Russia for neighboring countries every three months for a visa renewal)


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