January 14, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

There is Sunshine in my soul today

Hello everyone! Hope your week was superduperuper awesome!
Not much has happened since last P-day becasue we had a late pday and I feel like I just talked to you all but I'll give you some updates!
Nina is doing great. I think I may have already told about how we amazingly dodged her gross fish so that was great. Also she started to do this thing that is absolutely hilarious and there is no way to explain it, hahaha but I will try. She has two cats that she LOVES so much hahahah. One is Marquis and the other is Venia ( or something like that) But anyway lately every time she will walk past one or one of the cats walk past her, she makes fists with both of her hands and holds them up to her face and shakes them and starts hissing/screaming through clenched teeth (or rather, clenched gums hahaha) and scrunches up her face. We have no idea what started it but seriously every time she does it we try to hard not to laugh and I swear our eyes start bulging and I think I peed my pants its literally the funniest thing I have ever seen. Oh Nina... and this last time we visited her, Marquis was clawing the tapestry and she yelled "NOT ALLOWED!" and whacked this cat so hard I feared for its life. I think it might have some internal bleeding or something hahaha
Besides that nothing really exciting happened. I pet lots a stray doggos. Serioulsy I feel so bad for them. Their little paws are always so cold! Also we found this cute lilttle park and a yurt and Sister Melton got swarmed by pigeons.
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok so I been COVETING these Siberian boots for so long. I knew it was gonna be a trial of my faith my WHOLE mission. They are GORGEOUS and made out of reindeer and they are supposed to be the warmest things ever. So my parents are the BEST and told me I could buy some so we went down to the renich and after looking at the pretty ones I wanted and realizing they are about 300-400 dollars I decided to get some cheaper ones that are just as warm but are probably made out of cow or dog hahaha. and Sister Melton didn't want any but the dude talked her into it and it was SO funny. we both look like eskimos and (especially hers) look straight outta siberia hahaha, and they are! Its so funny because she really did'nt want them and even after she didn't like them but she puts them on and BAM turns into a Russian.
We went to a little town just north of Irkusk for church because we are going to start working there, and a lady in the branch told me she thought i was Russian! BAM! Я Русская! Also Angarsk (doesn't it sound like something out of Thor?) is SO PRETTY and seriously like exactly what you imagine when you think of Siberia. The president of the branch is from Mexico and he is so great but also what is he doing in Siberia??? Poor guy! He's way cool and I am so excited to work with the people there!
Hope all you are sticking to your new years resolutions and having a blast wherever you are in life! That's the key to happiness! Be happy with where you are! I still can't speak Russian and still don't really understand anything haha but its all good! Im loving it! Happiness is a choice and we can all be happy in whatever circumstances we are in. Choose to be happy this week! Bring your own sunshine to everywhere you go!
Love you!
Sister Wilcox


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