January 12, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Baby it's Cold Outside

Hello everyone! Happy 2018! I hope everyone is so so so warm!
because I am not!
Last week there were a couple days that got down into the -28 range (celcius) and literally I'm shocked I didn't get frostbite. MY TOES WERE SO COLD. I didn't know that kind of cold existed! Everytime i see snow I FREAK out and jump around because I know its gonna be warmer! Snow is the warmest thing ever and I wish it would just snow everyday!
This week was really crazy and no one really wanted to meet with us because they are all on vacation right now. After new years i swear Russia shuts down for a week. And its so cold so everyone just stays inside and i mean, I dont blame them! Sister Melton and I drink tea by the gallon. it's so cold all you ever want is warm stuff. I wore my camel socks and I was still cold! PEOPLE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. its crazy! and Russians are so tough! sometimes they go without a hat or a scarf and i just dont understand how you can get used to this!
Anyway we had some great miracles this week! The senior couple here, the Smiths, are fairly new to Irkusk and we went out with Sister Smith one day and speaking of tough Russians, SISTER SMITH DIDN'T HAVE A HAT! You can bet all the Russian babushki were freaking out and telling her she needed a hat. One of the people we were trying to visit had a really hard address and we couldn't find this house. We asked a bab and she just went all in for us. She asked other Russians and went into stores and trekked all around with us trying to find this apartment complex and it was crazy and so kind. when she finally found us, she gave us her address and told us to come visit. We were with Sister Smith when this all went down so sister Smith asked to come with us later in the week to visit our friend Galina was her name). So last Friday we go to visit her and as we were waiting to get on the bus that would take us to her дом (house) and our Galina walked off! we hurried and stopped her and tried to explain that we were coming to visit and she was way confused and then we ate lunch with her and she was wayy funny. Sister Smith works miracles and I swear, having a little bab to take around with us makes us heros to all the other babs its so great!
Also I went to Ulan Ude for zone conference and it was so great! The people there are so nice and most everyone is Mongolian! Crazy!
Also we went to Ninas and my worst fears came true friends... she fed us. Nina, who doesn't have like any money. Nina, who's house is crawling with cockroaches. It was so scary. She fed us this potato salad thing and seriously slopped like a gallon of mayo on the salad. It was way nasty and poor Sister Melton, she is so afraid of the food here hahah. She asked me to eat something for her and I guess I'm not a good companion because I just laughed and tried to give her some encouragement. When nina left the room she put it back in the big bowl of salad and I was almost crying it was so funny. Also God is so looking out for us because she wanted to feed us this nasty smelly fish but her gas wasn't working so she couldnt cook it. I like fish but seriously this fish was easily the most horrifing thing i've ever seen. God is so aware of us!
But seriously, I know that this is the work of God because He is always helping us. Whether it is helping us eat Ninas food, or turning off her gas, or helping us speak Russian, or sitting us next to a kind person on the bus. He is helping our every step. I love this work and I know that God loves these people in Russia so so so much. He loves His people wherever they are and i'm so happy to be sharing that message with these tough Siberian people. I love this work and I know it is true!
Sister Wilcox


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