November 19, 2017


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All The Grandmas Here Are Crazy

Have you ever heard that Russian "babushki" (grandmas) are crazy?
Well they are.
Also half of our branch is made up of babushki.

But seriously this week was CRAZY. It went by really slow but also so fast like I feel like I was just here writing last weeks' email! So grocery shopping was quite the adventure. Milk here is not cold... like it's in a box. On a shelf. Or powdered! I don't really drink milk but still! hahahaha Also like beets are really cheap and there are no leafy greens... But like food here is way good. And sushi costs like $4 a roll! It's cheaper than Subway! Also honey here is SO GOOD.
Also its way cold. Like my hair froze from breathing on it. But it warmed up a little bit and I saw the sky in Russia for the first time!
So the crazy babushki... heres one example: We will call her N. N is about 2 feet shorter than me with no teeth and not a ton of personal space. We go and help her every week with groceries and stuff and she is SO CRAZY. She LOVES going outside and so she sings and dances and holds her arms in the air (like think of Rocky Balboa), and stomps her feet and sings "I'M OUTSIDE AND ITS A GOOD DAY AND I MADE IT OUTSIDE!" and we kinda just stand and wait for her to sing her little outside song (at the top of her lungs). Then we go and help her shop.
Some of my favorite N quotes are "EXPENSIVE! ALL EXPENSIVE!" then the clerk helping her says "But it's soo tasty" and N whirls around and says "MONEY IS TASTY TO ME!"
Another time she was looking for candy and another worker was helping her (she also has bad eyesight and can't read) and she grabs a candy bar and shoves it in his face and asked "Does this chocolate have nuts?" and he said yes and she goes, "Well I can't HAVE NUTS! I don't have ANY TEETH!!"
Also she LOVES hot chocolate and the other day she legit CLEARED the shelf of their hot chocolate hahaha. She took like 15 boxes and just swept it all into her grocery bag. She also sings "I need thee every hour" on the way back from the store every time and we just walk back with her and try not to make eye contact with anyone lol. It is a grand time with N. I got to visit her twice this week because I went on exchanges and I was with Sister MacCabe and we were about to leave her house and she couldn't untie her pants so Sister MacCabe helped her and I wish I had gotten a picture because all three of us were sorta uncomfortable and N was so distressed haha. She needed to go so bad and wow it was a good moment.
Also I bought my coat here at the "Renich" and it is like a glorified swap meet basically. But I wanted this one coat and like 6 ladies helped me try on like 20 different kinds and this was a week ago so I got absolutely nothing from the Russian they spoke, but when we asked the main lady how her day was she said "Good! God is always helping." and it made me so happy that even though there are not a lot of members of my church in Russia, these people still know God. I'm so grateful for my knowledge that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He loves us so much and he has so many blessings to give to us if we choose him.
We also had a music night for everyone (members, friends, family) and it was a pretty good turnout! And guess what?? All the missionaries here have UKULELES!! I was so happy to find that out! But at music night we were teaching people how to play ukuleles and they were all taken up (and I don't have one yet) so I was trying to make conversation with this one girl (we'll call her M) and it wasn't really working b/c my Russian is so poor and we didn't have a uke to distract us so I looked around and saw a piano is the corner and brought her over and taught her the one song/duet thing I know. I remember years ago playing piano and HATING IT. Since then I've regretted stopping and even more so now on my mission but Carina and I used to do this silly duet song on the piano and we loved it and I taught it to M and she was so excited that she could play something and it actually sounded good (I was excited too) and we laughed and laughed and I was just so glad for that. Someone said that everything you have learned up until your mission will be used on your mission and that's so true. Even that silly song was useful! Man the church is true!

Also friends and family, thanks for all the emails and prayers. Love you all back at home!
In case you didn't know, my email got switched so that it could better work in Russia. It's:


If you emailed the other email and didn't get a response that is because I can't access the old one! I'm not ignoring you I promise haha!

Sister Wilcox


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