November 3, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker

3 Days in America


We will be traveling from Sunday to Thursday of next week! What the heck this is nutzo! Everyone was so excited when we got them. Good news is that ALL of the people in my district get to fly together! That never happens. We are all so excited we can say goodbye in Russia instead of here at the MTC. But its crazy to think next time I talk to y'all I'll be in RUSSIA!!! I'm so excited!
Also this week was pretty good. Busy busy busy though.
On Monday we got to go sing to the senior couples serving here. It was the COOLEST song. It's called "If Thou Had Been Here" from the Women at the Well series and it talks about one of the miracles Christ performed. SO COOL. It was like the wORsT PerFOrMaCE eVEr. We cracked over and over again (Sister Devol and I sang and Sister Palmer played Piano) and Sister Palmer missed like all her chords and we came in the wrong time and said the wrong words but I mean it was for the Senior Couples so they are awesome and they kindly smiled through the whole thing! YAAYY!

I thought my Russian was doing better but then we learned verbs of motion! The Russian People have 14 DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY "TO GO."
So ya, back to the start but it's ok bc I know i'm going to learn it. I know its because all of you who pray for me all the time. I do feel those prayers and I am so grateful for that.
This week I was thinking a lot about how important it is to turn outward. On the mission you have a roller coaster of emotions all the time. Its THE WORST. But also so awesome because the solution every time you are feeling down is to turn outward and go serve or chat or do something good and not let yourself stew in your own unhappiness. I had a bad day and wanted to go home to my dorm and just go straight to bed and not talk to anyone. I was about to go to bed but one of my friends here wanted to talk to me. For a split second I had a choice to tell her "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling good" or "I'm not having a good day and I want to sleep" but something nudged me to talk to her. So we laughed and chatted and then she told me something that she really needed to talk about and get off her chest. She told me how grateful she was for my friendship. And as one of the sisters here says, I got handed my "humble card," and realized this mission isn't about me. It never has been. I am here to serve God and His children. And Just because I am not yet in Russia doesnt mean I cant serve people here! I am so blessed for this opportunity. I get to ignore the rest of the world for 18 months and just serve my Father in Heaven and his Children and what a wonderful sacred oppourtunity this is. Missions are so cool!

Love you all and plzz pray I don't freeze as soon as I step off the plane in Novosibirsk!
Go serve someone today!
Your soon to be cold friend,
Sister Wilcox

1. Elder Southam being cheeky (all the british elders say cheeky all the time its SOOO funny!)
2. Cute lil Elder massage train that sorta made me kinda uncomfortable
3. Some of my cute district! Love them. I'M GONNA MISS THEM


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