October 11, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker


What a week!
Sister Tucker and I were on a roll and had like 4 great days in a row! (every day is good here in the Mish, but ya know sometimes you have GREAT days)
So it started out with a package from the Mom! Shes the best! wowza I love you Mom!

and then I was all super healthy and active and stuff and I woke up at FIVE THIRTY in the morning to go get some excersize with my pals Sister Mark and Sister Tucker. Another Sister (Debenham) said that she wanted to come but she didnt wake up so we start to walk outside. We are probably about 50 ft away from our little residence dorm thingie and its cold and dark and no one is awake yet except us and then we hear a SLAM behind us and running and we turn around and it's sister Debenham somp somp-in as fast as she can to us (missionaries are asked to keep within sight and sound of eachother so she needed to run to be "in sight and sound") we all apologize and tell her we thought she wasnt gonna wake up and as she gets closer and starts walking with us, we look at her feet and theyre barefoot. Whattt??? hahaha we all start laughing and shes like "I thought you were gonna leave me I didnt have time!" She was holding her shoes in one hand so no worries. But in her other hand shes holding something else and no on enotices really. So we get all the way across the campus to the gym and she shouts "Ah dang it!" and she holds up HER ALARM CLOCK. She grabbed her alarm clock on the way out and it was OVER for us we were all on the floor laughing so hard. She is such a joke hahaha but also like the best missionary ever she is so excited to be here.

My Russian is still the WORST but it gets better everyday. We leach lessons to our fake investigators and we can small kine small talk with them and thats fun! I also learned (on accident) that "you're a lid" in Russian is like slang/idiom for "You're dead." Haha an Elder in our class learned the word lid and our teacher started cracking up and told us that. Then she said, as she was writing that phrase on the board, "you know i could get fired for this." and we all started busting up. Our teacher is from Kazikstahn and so she is mellow and keeps to herself and also she is super obedient so it was so funny to see a different side to her. I love her so much! She is the best!
We also had sub one time for class and so we got to teach our sub, roleplaying as a less active (someone who is Mormon but isnt very active in the church and doesnt really attend anymore for one reason or another). And that lesson has got to be on eof the best lessons we have ever taught. It was so awesome and the spirit was there the entire time. Our Russian flowed out of us and we felt awesome after and that was so exciting!
Sunday was THE BEST oh my goodness it was awesome! It was Fast and Testimony meeting at church (everyone skips two meals and prays for something that they want to know or understand or for someone, and during church anyone can get up and share their personal testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. It's AWESOME) and a buch of people were leaving to the countires they are serving in and it was awesome to hear so many people's testimony. That night were were able to watch a film and we watched a talk from Todd A Calister about becoming a consecrated missionary and it was amazing! It talked about puting everything on the "alter of sacrifice" and doing exactly what the Lord has asked you to becasue you love him and want to be an instrument in his hads to teach people about the gospel. It was amazing and motivated me to be so much better!

We also have TONS of time to really study and learn about this gospel and it was awesome this week because my testimony of Jesus Christ grew so much. I know that he is the Son of God and the Savior of the World. I know that through him we are able to return back to our loving heavenly father to live with him forever. I love my family and know that it is no coincidence that I have the family I do. There are no coincidences, only divine designs from above. I love this gospel that I am learning to teach and I am loving this language that I am learning! I know I am learning Russian for a reason and I know that it is all for the people in Russia to hear the good news that Jesus lives! He has helped me change so much in one month and I thought I was cool before! Look at me now Mom!
So much love for everyone back home reading my emails! Have a great day!

Sister Wilcox


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