October 4, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker

One Month!

What the what I've been out for so long!
And I have yet to get sick on this MTC food! What a miracle!
This week was super duper awesome. Lots of work. My Russian is getting better to the point that I can tell you a story in Russian! It's so fun! We got into cases this week and you can conjugate "you" into like 20 different words lol. It's over for me.
Good thing my compaion is like a rockin Russian speaker seriously. wow!
Also we had GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!! YAYYY!!! (general conference is when the modern day prophet and apostles speak to us! Its awesome! Very inspiring!)
I learned to much and bawled over and over again. The Spirit of the Lord was there the entire time answering questions and concerns I had. Elder Holland's talk, I mean is anyone surprised, was the BEST thing ever and I was so grateful. I can get really hard on myself sometimes because I really want to do well on this mission but I fall short ALL THE TIME and that's ok. But this last week I kept beating myself up over everything. And he talked about how this gospel should inspire you and I feel much better now haha. I laughed a lot more this week and I feel so uplifted and edified.
Also my friend convinced me to dye my eyebrows with her.... I promise they faded hahahaha (i kinda look like an ogre)
Happy October everyone! Love and miss you all!!!
Sister Wilcox


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