September 27, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker

21 Days

[Important note: Since Sister Wilcox will be serving in Russia, there is a designated email address for those volunteers. Please begin using this new email address immediately:


Hello everyone! Can you believe I have been living here for a whole 3 weeks! Today I saw a small child for the first time in a while and I was so excited. The youngest people I see here are 18 so I kinda forgot about them for a while. Also Dogs. Are those real? I didn't dream them up right?

This past week was AWESOME! Sister Devol and I sang a musical number in church and it was super fun. We sang "How Great Thou Art," my favorite hymn, and the Spirit of God was tangible in the room. It was some of the Elders and the Sister's last week in the MTC before they left to Russia so that was really special to them. Two sisters that had been my STLs (Sister Training Leader, like the leaders over all the girls in the entire Zone) both left on Sunday night and so it was hard to say goodbye to them. But the good thing about that is everyone was saying bye to them for a long time but those two sisters are both going to NOVOSIBIRSK!!!! YAYYY!! Because my mission has so few people in it, I could be one or both of their companions later in Russia!

Also I totally worked out in the gym for a whole hour on Saturday. I'm so buff.

On Sunday we got to watch a talk by David A Bednar, a living apostle. He talked about recognizing promptings from the Spirit and it was fantastic. He said "the answer to this question is STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT. Be a good boy, be a good girl, honor your covenants, keep the commandments, and I promise you that your footsteps will be guided." WHAT?!! I love that! That is awesome! Obedience brings miracles my friends.

This week was also so so awesome because VOLLEYBALL. So my zone got in trouble right before I got here about volleyball. Apparently they were being "too competitive" so they got it taken away for a couple weeks. I got in here and everyone was like "don't forget to play volleyball, it's the best!!" But I couldn't!! Because some dumb Elders before us were getting too into it! But then this week we got it back finally and everyone was SOOO excited. During our exercise time everyone ran out hooting and hollering and sprinting to the volleyball courts and it is SOO fun! I'm not good at all but sometimes I hit it and that's pretty exciting. And everyone plays it and the teams always get switched up so you get to meet a lot of people!

And finally, the reason this week will go down in history is because I accomplished an amazing feat of both bravery and courage. I made Elder George laugh.
No really.
Ask anyone: he is a stone cold fun-killer and has a stare that makes you fear for your eternal soul.
Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit, but really, this Elder does not laugh.
I told him when we first got here that I would try everything in my power to make him laugh. He said it wouldn't happen. No one believed me that I could do it. Not even my comp. But last week I made him smile and this week he full-on laughed out loud at one of my jokes! The thing that kills me is that it was like the worst joke ever! What the heck! But honestly that was the highlight of my mission. It's all downhill from here folks.

Russian is still hard. If you were wondering. Yes I'm bad. No, we don't say "comrade" 24/7. Yes, God is so real and he is helping me learn this language really really fast.

Love you all and miss you all,

Sister Wilcox

PS: I have made friends with Sisters who know how to dress in the cold, so good news: I might not always look like a (frozen) potato sack in the winter.

PPS: the best phrase ever is "restored gospel" its sooo fun to say! We say it all the time hahaha: восстановленное Евангелие


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