October 11, 2017




Okay today is the day!I am leaving the MTC in 2 hrs! AHHHHHHHH! Is this real life? Am I finally going to go to the Philippines? YES! 
In memory of the good times I've had here I will make a list of things I have learned here

-Just sniff the cream soda tree. (You'll understand what I am talking about when you get here)-GIVE THE LUNCH WRAPS A TRY (I personally LOVE the raspberry vinaigrette)-Invest in the G-2 pens. They are the best and wow they are expensive here. I use them all the time.-Love is not measured by the amount of packages you get.

-Find your favorite place to study. (Don't choose your bed)-LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! It is SO amazing!-Sisters, if the skirt feels too short it is probz too short-Elders, don't wear those cool socks your mom sent you. Plz it is so awkward to see Elders here try to hide their socks.
-Get a spiritual journal-Get a journal journal-If you are learning a new language get small notebooks so you can study like a BO$$ (one for vocab, one for phrases, and one for extra stuff you want to understand more. Review these every night and you will be ah-mazing)-Have a light jacket on hand (shout out to Grandma for helping me with this!)

-try the best you can to not sing those catchy pop songs (the struggle is real)-Do choir! I can not sing that well but I am always happy to be a part of the amazing choir and the choir director is so cool-If you have an issue with wearing the same outfits every week....pray. The struggle is real but you CAN do this! 

-Talk to the other missionaries! It is so cool to see where everyone is going!-Get up on time! I literally jump out of bed so I can actually do this! It isn't easy but I do it!-Bring your Patriarchal Blessing! You can get in shrunken down for less than $2.

-Love your District here! I had the goofiest District, and wow #blessed-Bring a list of addresses of people you love so you can send them letters! -Get a really good bag that you can carry around easily. I enjoy my Zions bag!-Get really good shoes. No one wants a Haglums Bump.-Bring a robe for the showers! They are the best when you forget something in your room.-Plan your P-days so you don't end up freaking out at 5:30 that you still need to do your laundry.
-Love your companion! Sis Eyslee and I are not EXACTLY  the same but with that we bring out the best out of each other. And wow she is amazing #BlessedWithTheBest- Pray to God every night. Tell Him about your day and ask how you can serve Him better.-You were called to where you are going because of who you are. I realized here that even though we are all Mormon here we all have our little things that make us unique. Me? I have been told I am little more happy than the average Mormon. Be proud of who you are!

Okay that's it ! I am leaving for reals this time!I love you all so much and I am SO EXCITED TO serve the Lord!
Gugma,Sister McKendrick


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