November 1, 2017



I'm A Hot Mr. Beans


 How is everyone? Are things spooky? If not I can lend you some ghost from the Philippines. All the people here believe in ghosts so yeah that's cool I guess.
UPDATE: I have been notified many times this week that I am tall, super pretty, white, and have a big nose. I will give further updates if anything changes.  
Funny thing that happened this week was that at one lesson this one 15 year old boy pulled up a model's instagram and said "you look JUST LIKE HER" haha I was like "nahh" and then my companion was like "wait actually you do" and then the boy stared asking if I was model back in America. hahahahahaahah no. 
So my self esteem was pretty high after that right? Well I guess I needed some humbling because the lesson right after that the family was fascinated with me nose. They went on for about 8 minutes about how big it is and then one said " MR.BEAN!" and then the whole family agrees with the comparison and then they move onto the lesson. They killed me right then and there and then wanted to hear bout the of course I opened my scriptures and began to talk about the Lord.
About to eat Balut.
I thought the whole nose thing was over but then the little boy began to upset his big sister so then the mom in order for this little toddler to behave leans over to him and points to me and SAYS "look at her big nose." 
It is not everyday your facial features are used to calm a child. I should be grateful really. Also, now that I think about it not everyone can be compared to a super hot model and Mr. Bean in one night, let alone two hours. Not exactly the super power I ever wanted but it's here so I guess I'll have it. 
I have branched out in speaking now. Instead of just adding onto what Sis Murphy says I actually add my own insights. Sis Murphy is so proud of me.Just one bite
Yesterday was Halloween and they don't really celebrate that here unless they are rich and Sis Murphy and I are not rich so yeah we just ate candy and then I gave an in-depth retelling of the movie "Coraline". 
It rained all day yesterday. the streets turned into rivers and so we tried to go to Trozo but we got there (after a half hour bus ride) and then we say that there was a huge river we'd have to cross to get to our appointments and its not exactly the cleanest water and I had a opened wound on my toe so we got off the bus and just waited for the next one back to San Carlos.
Sis Murphy and I got "asked" (we got signed up really) to sing at a wedding. The song? Love at home. The problem? Sis Murphy and I are both altos. basically, it was the most cringing song and it was awkward and I? think everyone wanted to die. I may have died just a little bit. The good news? I don't think Sis Murphy and I will ever be "asked" to sing for events ever again. That is literally the only bright side.My companion Sister Murphy
I also got rejected yesterday! My first time! I tried to share the Gospel with someone on the street and the guy was like "I respect your religion...." and then he tired to bash our religion but like I think he felt uncomfortable bashing two white girls so the conversation was weird and so I just handed him a pamphlet, shared my testimony and parted ways.
Sis Murphy was very proud of me. It isn't easy to share what you love most to others because you are afraid they will not respect it. And when they tell you, you are just following lies your heart breaks for them and their hard-heartedness. What I am thankful for is that this Church is true and I have a testimony it is and no one can tell me otherwise. Final plane to Cebu! Lots of leg space. 
I know this is the first of many rejections but I also know there will be others who will have open-hearts ready to hear the Restored Gospel. 
I love this church and I know it is true. There are only bad days if you see them as bad days.  I always try to look for the bright side of things.
I love you all!Sister McKendrick
People I got told I look like this week: Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, some other sister I haven't met, Dualipa, some Elders 9th grade English teacher, and Mr. Bean
Line of the week: Sis Murphy: Sister... did you just use these stamps as stickers?
haha the Filipino sisters in our house are funny because they definitely did use stamps as stickers accidentally. haha awesome.


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