February 12, 2019



I taught people this week

I am here in Cebu right now. Just going to the dermatologist so that I can get my face all cleared up for when I go home! I always end up here writing stuff and I don't even know what to really tell you all because so much stuff happens in a week. But I'll tell you this.
We go to an appointment and we get punted we are walking back and I see this family sitting around and so I poke my head in and I just say "hello!" we teach them and one of the Sister's there opens up how she lost her child last month. I told her that Heavenly Father's plan is for us to be with our families forever. It was a really tender moment and I really love helping people come closer to Christ. I love being a missionary. I love seeing I'm not perfect. That the mistakes I make are not the end and that I get to choose if I am gonna learn from them. Example: I accidentally dropped a laptop yesterday (its fine) but I love being able to laugh it off and now be more careful yanking laptop cases. I hope you have a great week! I love you all! Have fun and go read the scriptures!LOVESister McKendrick
Sister Schaap: *slaps me*Me: Its not nice to slap others! *slaps her back**slaps eachother for about 5 minutes


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