October 28, 2017


Columbia,South Carolina,USA


Hi I'm a missionary??

Hey Y'all!

TUESDAYYYYYY!! What?! I feel like I got here yesterday but at the same
time I feel like I've been here since the womb. Anyways I've got a lot
to tell you guys about and I'm excited to do so. Let's get started!

Sunday was rad because we had our devotional that night and
guess who it was? Elder Hollands son! Consider me the luckiest person
in the world being in front of all of these amazing and important
people! He spoke about the Provo temple and how the fire left people
devastated. But God works in mysterious ways because now it's a
beautiful temple. He related it to us. We are all like the Provo
temple. We start out great then sometimes things happen and we get
torn down. But God always has a plan, and when you feel like you are
torn down he has something incredible in store for you. To make you
even better than you were before. Sometimes as a missionary we have
doubts, we have fears and we have questions. We come out starting
great, but just as the temple we can be torn down, but rebuilt even
better than before. I have such a FIRM testimony that Heavenly Father
knows what He's doing. He knows you and has so much potential for you.
Put forth your effort and he will mold you into something you never
Something one of our Elders said in class was, "strength before
weakness, journey before destination" and for some reason I've
pondered that so much this week. We know our destination, but what
journey are you willing to take to get there?


I guess I'll start out with a funny story. So at lunch we were
all sitting as a district at lunch. So there are like a billion
missionaries everywhere. We were just talking and joking and idk what
happened but one of the elders was staring at me holding a butter
knife and twisting it around in its hand and I was like mega creeped
out but was like ok whatever. Then he started singing this cringy song
like a clown would in your nightmares and I was like ok I'm out and
the second I looked away from him he slammed the knife on the table so
loud and guess what I did? Of course, If you know me well enough when
I'm really scared I do these three loud screams.... I totally did
them. In the middle of lunch. In front of a million missionaries. So
here I am dying laughing because everyone was staring at me and I
didn't know how to cope with the embarrassing event that just took
place. Guys, I'm the worst😂 Ok on to better things. At dinner I was
at the salad bar and for some reason I looked up and saw the sisters
name tag across the salad bar and guess what?! Her name was Sister
Simons! So I was like woah hey chicka like look I have the same name
as you and it was just funny and way weird. Speaking of names guys, I
get called Sister Simmons I'm starting to think
I should just go by Simmons the rest of my mission to save the
correction every five seconds. Ok, for the dessert of this email. Our
Tuesday devotional was quite the night. ELDER STEVENSON CAME! From the
12! He spoke on Christlike attributes which was so sick. Guys,
everyone needs to go on a mission. There's nothing like the MTC. And
when I say this I'm not exaggerating, I have the companionship of the
Holy Ghost 24/7. Like he's literally my best friend who walks around
with me all day. I've never felt him so constant in my entire life.
I'm gonna miss that when I get home. It's cool tho because the MTC is
like a bubble. Like a spiritual fishbowl and now evil can enter, I dig


Wednesday was a party. Me and my comp as Sister Training Leaders
got to welcome 21 new missionaries! Just to clear up, STL's are in
charge of all the sister in the zone, so we have 16 sister we are in
charge of. So we got to meet them and kinda give them the jist of
their next few weeks. Another funny story, some of our elders got
their haircut by a stylist and totally botched their hair. Oh my gosh
it was so funny. So a kid in another district asked my companion " hey
could Sister Simons cut my hair cause I don't want her to ruin mine"
so that boosted my self esteem cause I miss doing hair all the time! I
love it because every night I have a line of sisters fresh out of the
shower that want me to braid their hair. So it's great. Also the MTC
could easily make a reality tv show with the funny drama that goes on.
But then there's the way cool side of things where you walk out of a
lesson walking on a cloud and so full of the spirit mmmm. Those are
the things I hold dear.


Yes this day was the best. My sweet sweet aunt literally saved
my life by sending the freaking best package full of treats and 24
cans of Dr. Pepper😭😭😭 Literally saved our lives😭😭 the combo of
the packages my parents send me and my aunts got me through this week
with easssssse. So thank youuuuu. And the emails this week too! I love
just being able to read what everyone's doing throughout the week! And
when get sad I can look and my sisters cute doggie waiting at home for
me. Goldie is life guys. Ok, Thursday lesson with our investigator
went well and we invited her to be baptized. And of course she said
yes, she's paid to. But it was still a cool experience and we've
invite all four of our people to baptism and everyone said yes. I
realize that's probs not gonna happen in the field but ya know. Super
random fact, my mom and siste make this amazing bean dip and I'm just
dreaming of the day me and my comp are hardcore bonding with tortilla
chips and dip. I dream about for a lot because the MTC food can be so
so so so bad😂 I'm grateful for it, but half of the things I eat I
don't know what they are or how they are made. Like the eggs are tofu
with yellow food coloring. Off topic but true. Don't worry everyone
I'm still claiming my fame in the volley world. I played withal.
Elders one night and we had the dream team, except I use my feet way
too much, ex soccer player probs. Then later that night we all had a
jam session. A country concert took place in our flat. It's so funny
because I can't remember any songs from the outside world except for
Justin Bieber because of course he's life. It's the coolest thing
because I only have hymns stuck in my head. People walk around all the
time whistling or singing hymns. Even girls in the shower like belt
these powerful church songs.

Ok down to business. I want to share my testimony in honor of leaving
the mtc in a few days. Guys, this gospel is true, the work is real and
when you're apart of that you realize so many things. There's no
denying this gospel is true, no possible way. Don't forget the
miracles and blessings in your life and never forget who gave them to
you. Jesus Christ is our Savior. And I am here because of Him, and
more importantly, I'm here for him. I know the Lord has prepare people
in SC specifically for me. I know that as I open my mouth, the spirit
will be there and people will come to know Christ thought the Holy
Ghost. I am ready, and I am prepared. Maybe not for everything but I
have so much faith in my Savior and I put all my trust in Him. A week
from now I will have started a new journey in my life, and a journey
that will get me to my destination. But not only that, I'm going to
help he people of South Carolina start their journey. To teach them
the importance of getting to their destination, which is to return to
Heavenly Father. I love my Savior, he walks shoulder to shoulder with
me daily. As He does with you too. Follow Him and His example. I love
you all so much and don't for a second think that I don't think of you
or pray from you. Hope this email was a little better that last
weeks😂 Four months ago I opened my call telling me I was serving in
SC. Ever since then I've prepared with every fiber of my being, and in
three days I'll finally be home. Till next week.

~Sister Simons

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