April 21, 2014


State College, Pennsylvania


Sister Ying

"Greater LOVE Hath No Man Than This"

Family & Friends!

This week was SO GREAT!! So much work, so much excitement, so many miracles! Haha my heart could explode I am so happy!! I just love these people so much & I love this gospel so much and I love this work so much! :)

I want to share this story with you about a missionary around the time of World War II that pretty much changed my life haha. :) The first time I read about it I was bawling..I hope it inspires you as well :

It was wartime. American missionaries had been pulled out of the country and went home to be drafted. Some of them returned to the country they were assigned, but this time they came as sworn enemies.
One former Elder was not happy with the situation. A corporal, he went out with small advance patrols to set up routes of attack. Streets of the town were familiar to him; he'd tracted them out such a short while ago.
He was unhappy for another reason. He felt out of place among his comrades. His sergeant was a burly, swaggering, and contemptuous man. But this former Elder who neither drank, smoked, or caroused, bit his lip and reminded himself he owed allegiance to the uniform if not to the man himself.
Using great restraint, he got by without direct confrontation until the afternoon he watched a group of German citizens being rounded up for looting. there were strict rules against looting, but when people are starving, rules are hard to enforce.
The Sergeant manhandled the group roughly. Suddenly without thinking of the consequences, the corporal acted on impulse. He brushed his superior aside and with obvious joy and cries of recognition, threw his arms protectively around one aging gentleman.
The sergeant was furious. He grabbed the corporal's arm, yanked him aside, and growled angrily, "What do you think you are doing?"
"Sergeant, I don't expect you to understand, but I love this man. I was a missionary before the war, and I taught him the gospel. He was the only person I baptized. He is a good man."
"Corporal," he said, "This man was caught looting; and apparently you need a lesson in loyalty. Okay--early tomorrow morning he will be shot and you will be doing the shooting!"
The young man's face turned chalky white, but he didn't flinch. "No, I won't do it Sarge," he said, "there is no way you can make me do it..."
"Let me understand you, corporal. Are you disobeying a direct command in time of war? If so it is my duty to remind you that that's an offense punishable by death. You have until morning to make up your mind. At 5 in the morning that looter will be staring down the muzzles of a firing squad. you'll either be at the business end of the rifle, or you'll be standing beside your friend. Take your choice."

(((Now thinking...What would I do in this situation? We have been called to spread the gospel of love. Do I truly understand the meaning of the word? This story reminds me of this Easter season and Christ's sacrifice for all of us. In John 15:13 we read, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends")))

The frightened corporal stood his ground. The next morning he and his elderly German brother stood side by side and were shot down together in a lonely field.

The man who gives this story is the elderly man's son who remained faithful the rest of his life.

There really is nothing to describe the love you have for the people you serve. Serving others opens and expands your heart more than ever possible on your own. I love learning of my Savior. I love and am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve Him.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and focused on the greatest miracle of all: that CHRIST LIVES! I know He lives. I know that because of Him and through him, we have hope! There is no end, we can realize and reach our full potential, nothing stands in our way. I know that the fulness of His gospel has been restored. I know that The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true and His church on the Earth today.

PLEASE: I want to invite ALL of you to watch and share this video called "Because of Him" ( ) ( if it doesnt link you to it) AND Please tell me your thoughts and feeling about the video, favorite parts? And what Christ's life and sacrifice has done for you personally.

I love all of you and am praying for you always :)

Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

Enjoy the pics of me an my companion Sister Ying! I love her so much! The first pic was us right before moving our couch outside for studies :) It only snowed once this week and I think it is actually going to start warming up for real this time!


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