March 4, 2014


Franklin, PA


Sister Moore

Okay, Got the Hint!

Another Great Week as a missionary in PA! I just LOVE THIS WORK!!:)
Cant wait to tell ya about the big lesson the Lord wanted to teach me this week!
On Thursday we went to see Laura and Lamar, a family we are teaching and we ended up only getting to teach the mom but it was so cool because she ended up being exactly who we needed to talk to. The dad has a firm testimony already of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because he was a former investigator. The only reason why he never got baptized is because the missionaries had only taught him and the mom never was apart of the lessons and so she never felt comfortable to move forward and so none of them were baptized. It was cool because we got to teach her and she wants to learn more and to come to church and to read the Book of Mormon and wants the gospel for her family!
Then later we went to visit this other less-active, Mary, and she wasn't home but we got to talk to her daughter, Shaina! Shaina avoids the missionaries because they tried to teach her once a long time ago and she likes going to another church's youth group. The first couple times we went over we never even met or even saw her becuase she would stay upstairs. But she warmed up SO MUCH to us, haha like best friends and she wants to be there for the lessons now! We were asking when her mom would be home for us to teach and she was including her own schedule to make sure she could be there too! AND THEN because she is really involved in sports and stuff she said that she would just skip youth group this week to meet with us! That is a COMPLETE turn around! So cool!
And then later that same night we went to visit another less-active and her husband (nonmember that has never wanted anything to do with the church) answered and said that she was really sick in bed. But we asked if we could still come in and talk with him! The Spirit guided the WHOLE thing giving us so much strength and courage to say what he needed to hear. His heart softened so much! He said that we can come back and teach the family!
Haha so pretty much, being a missionary is THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!! :) If we do all we can to be obedient, diligent and humble, we can KNOW that the Lord will put us where we need to be. And we need to continue in that faith! After Lehi commands his sons to go and get the plates, Nephi is so excited and faithful to "go and do" because he KNEW that the Lord would "prepare a way" for him to accomplish what was commanded. And then when they went back...guess what?! They didnt accomplish it...AT FIRST! In 1 Nephi 3:14 it says they were "exceedingly sorrowful, and my brethren were about to return unto my father". That would be disheartening! Can you imagine getting all pumped that the Lord would prepare a way but then you try to "accomplish" what he asks and you don't? But THEN 1 Nephi 3:15.."But behold I said unto them that: As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness until we have accomplished the thing which the Lord hath commanded us." It takes endurance! We must continue and press forward in the faith that HE DOES prepare a way! Now do you want to hear the miracle on top of all these miracles?! Haha I had just read part of the Book of Mormon and noticed all this that morning in personal study--the morning before all these other miracles happened! And in each of the three experiances, our plans kind of fell through! We could have turned around when those we were planning on seeing weren't there but by having that sure faith that we are the Lord's servants, and He was guiding us as we prayerfully planned, we knew that we were right where we needed to be:) By pressing forward, and not even knowing how or why we were able to see the true need and the Lord's hand. SO MANY MIRACLES!!:) Haha all day..everyday.. :) that is the life as a missionary folks. I LOVE IT!
And I LOVE ALL OF YOU! And i uploaded some pics! enjoy:)
Moroni 8:3,
Sister Tessa Wade


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