February 17, 2014


Franklin, Pennsylvania


Sister Moore


AAAHHHH I LOVE MY LIFE, I LOVE MY LIFE, I LOVE MY LIFEEEEEE!!! Hahaha lots of heel clicking this week. . . . EVERY SINGLE DAY is just the best day of my life! It is so cool to be a servant of the Lord and get to see SO many miracles because of it. This was a crazy week: zone training in Erie, meeting with President Topham (favorite human being ever) and went on my first exchanges! It was cool!

There are waaaayy too many miracles to write about and not enough time to do so!! Haha... Ugh.. well I will go with the miracle of meeting Leanna :) On Valentines Day we decided that instead of eating at home for lunch like we normally do, we were going to go to a local place for lunch and get quick pick-up.

On the way out of the cafe this lady STOPPED US! She read our tags and asked if she could ask us a question. She had just read the Pearl of Great Price, that she had gotten a printed-out copy of, and she wanted to know if it was part of the Book of Mormon. We explained that they were separate but that the Prophet Joseph Smith translated both of them by the power of God. She said she had just LOVED it and so she had just called and her and her friend had both ordered 2 copies for them and their husbands! SO COOL!

She explained to us that they have been Catholic their whole life and love the Church because they love God but can tell all the times they have read and studied the Bible that there are holes--truths that are missing. We gave her a run down on the apostasy, Restoration, and Book of Mormon . . . I WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO SEE HER EYES!!! It was straight out of a movie . . . She just LIT UP and just kept saying "yes, yes, that is true! that is true! I know that is all true!"

Haha we then told her no need to wait for the Book of Mormons to come in and she can have the ones we had. Haha it was so cute, she was so excited and then . . . hahahahah she apologized because she wouldn't be able to read it all in one day but asked if she could take a couple of days. . . . Hahahaha umm can you say GOLDEN?

And that's not even all the miracles in just this week! BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST!!!! Seriously this is SO the LORDS WORK!! And the field IS SO CRAZY
WHITE!!! If we just do ALL we can to be obedient, diligent, and humble, the Lord will know that He can TRUST us to find all those that are already prepared. His work WILL go forward with or without us. If we want to be WITH Him we must be FOR Him--serving Him with ALL our heart, ALL our might, ALL our strength.

LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! And I love hearing from you, keep me updated on your lives! :)

Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

Oh & my address is:
1202 Buffalo Street
Franklin, PA 16323


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