February 10, 2014


Franklin, Pennsylvania


Sister Moore

Freezing in Franklin!!

Family & Friends! :)

Well it is nothing but cold, cold, and freezing cold out here in Pittsburgh! Its beautiful! :) They had "Franklin on Ice" this week, where the community all makes a bunch of ice sculptures and they put them in the park that is at the center of town. At night they even light em up! SO COOL! And they just leave them there until they melt, which I hear wont be for another good month or maybe more lol. (make sure to check out the pictures I'm attaching, it was incredible!)

Hahaha this week I also saw my first "freezing rain" also called "sleet". IT BLEW MY MIND! haha I seriously don't know how to describe it to its not snow...but its not rain...its just crazy!!! It comes down like rain i guess but when it hits, it is INSTANT ice! its CRAZY! there are icicles in places i didn't know icicles could form! I didnt get a good picture but if you can look up trees after freezing rain. It makes them so beautiful! Everything is just coated in ice!

But ANYWAY...It was another incredible week in the Pittsburgh, PA mission!! Can you believe how amazing it is to be a missionary and have a front row seat to see miracles work in so many lives? ITs EVERYWHERE! I LOVE IT! . . .

Miracle of the Week: There is a lady who was born into the church in Provo, ran away when she was 11 and went all over the US for 9 years and ended up marrying a biker in a motorcycle gang that picked her up as she was hitchhiking!

She hasn't been to church in like 50 years but we are now teaching her 14 year old daughter! On Sunday they came to church and after Sacrament Meeting she broke down in tears in my arms because she had such a cool spiritual experience :) She felt her mother who has since passed, who was always strong in the Church, with her and telling her that she need to get back in the Church and she needs Tabitha to be baptized and she needs to be sealed all together. It was SO COOL!!

I loved seeing her faith growing and heart softening. I loved hearing her try to describe to me what she felt, and telling her that as representative of Jesus Christ we will be there and will be doing everything we can to help prepare her to receive all those blessings she desires. I LOVE THIS WORK! :)

Now it is YOUR turn! Write back and tell me a miracle YOU have seen this week, tell me how you have seen the Lord's hand in your life. Miracles really are everywhere, we must open our eyes and have the faith to see them. :)

I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!! Thank you for all your support and prayers, and know that you are all in mine. :)

Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

Forgot to attach pictures (4)

A few more :) (3)
These should make you laugh...haha I also decided that when I come home I'm going to make a video only of the pictures of me slipping and falling. Haha it is ALLLL THE TIME its hilarious! Haha we have started to document them so I can go home with a collection :)

I'm bad at this whole email bad haha
(1 fall into snow-bank)


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