June 1, 2015


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 4th walk


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Ah there aren't words to describe how much I just love being a part of the Lord's work!!  As we were walking from a service appointment last week, we were led to this guy named Adam. We opened our mouths and boy were they filled!! No joke, this was one of the coolest contacting experiances I ever had. The spirit was thick! All of us felt it! I wish I could remember all the details of how it all happened but all I know is that the spirit was undeniably guiding the whole thing.
He shared his walk with Christ and how he used to be addicted to drugs and then he turned to his preacher who helped him out of it and now he has been clean and pulling out of the dark place that he was in. His church has been helping him a ton! He loves the Lord and feels the hope of His sacrifice everyday. His life has been put back on course and he is very active in seeking the Lords ways and attending his local church.
As we talked,  I felt inspired to share Nephi's psalm with him in 1 Nephi 4. Not only did it connect and give him the words to what his heart and soul was feeling, but it dove us into the discussion of the joyous message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I could see and feel the spirit teaching him! 
We started talking about the numerous and beautiful prophecies in the Bible that prophecy of this Restoration: the truth being lost, the authority of God being restored, Christ restoring His church--continuing to call prophets and apostles, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, the scattering and gathering of Israel. He just lit up! He kept saying "how could people miss all this, how can they overlook all this?" Haha it's all right there!! It's amazing! I love the Bible--I love and cherish it more because of the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon does not take away or replace the Bible at all. They both testify and prophecy of each other, too, both testify and prophecy of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for the Bible because of the consistency and relation that it has to the Book of Mormon! I know they are both true because I feel & recognize how they do bring me closer to my Savior.
I am better, do better, live better, and serve better as I study and live their teachings. Oh how I love the scriptures!! I feel my Father speaking to me and instructing me every time I open them. I know they are God's word, in every sense.
Adam was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and to put it to the test. He was blown away at how it was all right before him this whole time. He said that it all made sense and sits right with him. He was experiencing the witness of the Holy Ghost confirming the truth in his heart. I think the coolest thing was seeing his progression in such a short time. That is the power of the Spirit to sink understanding, light and truth deep into our hearts and souls. And we got to witness it all right before our eyes! He was experiencing conversion right in front of us! He said that he already knew he would be given a hard time about reading the Book of Mormon but he didn't care what opposition he would face--he knew in his heart that he needed to test it out (Moroni 10:4-5) . He was willing to act on the hope he was feeling that if it was true, it truly would bring him closer to the Savior and it would change his life for the better. He also said that he felt so much joy in talking and reading and learning that he asked us if he could keep walking around with us so he can share and testify too!!
Haha isn't it amazing the depth of conversion he reached within such a short time on the street? I can not express my gratitude enough for the power of the Spirit. It brought a change and renewed hope in him! And what greater indicator of this conversion than #1) him wanting to stand up & defend the truths and continue to learn no matter what, and #2) the desire he had to share them? 
He started asking about how long we do this and other questions about the mission. I started to shed tears, bearing my testimony, and love for the mission and how much it has brought me closer to my Savior. I have seen His Hand and felt His support every day. I have felt his perfect love for  me and for those around me every day. There is nothing like the mission...
However, I know that if I have a desire to assist the Lord in His work for the rest of my life, He calls me to it. There is work to be done & souls to save! I know He will guide me in how to continue laboring in this great work. And I know He will do the same for you too!:) Ponder where you are at, and allow the Lord to guide you forward
Moroni 8:3, 
Sister Wade


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