September 2, 2014


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Doxey

Gotta LOVE the LABOR!

Happy Labor Day Fam & Friends! :)

Aaah so much to say...these last couple weeks have been SO GOOD! I really can not express all that I am learning and all the miracles that I am witnessing. 
I want to share with you a sacred learning moment I had in church on Sunday. We were expecting a lot of investigators and less-actives who, through COUNTLESS other miracles, committed to be there. Once church started, there were still some that had not yet arrived. After a little bit, I realized that the seats were filling in and there weren't enough for those who were still going to come. The spirit shot me out of my chair and I went to the back to start setting up more chairs. We set up 2 more rows in the back. Then after a few minutes some of the families we were expecting came in and took the seats. Soon those 2 rows were filled and once again, the spirit shot me up and I went to the back to set up even more chairs!! We set up 2 more rows, and within a few minutes the other families we were expecting came in!

Heavenly Father really was teaching me a lot. I know that we must not only have faith in this work but we must have faith in our brothers and sisters. We must have faith that God loves them and His Hand is guiding them back to Him. I also learned that we, as missionaries, must do ALL that we can to help our brothers and sisters. We are the Lord's servants! We must DEEPEN OUR CAPACITY to LOVE and to SERVE and to HOPE.
We must make sure we are doing all we can to allow the Lord to use us and work through us. We must ALWAYS be seeking to follow Jesus Christ and become more like Him. We must align our will with His. We must follow Him so much that His thoughts are our thoughts, and His ways are our ways. I am so grateful for the spirit in teaching me the simplicity of our Savior's truth and doctrine. It may seem like such a small experience but it is the power of the spirit that enlightens our soul and helps us to see the power of God in all things.

Okay it is way too hard to have to try and pick only one other miracle to share...time is too short!...AH I have to tell you about ADRIAN! He is someone who is actually in Penn State, but this is super exciting I got to share it. Sister Sparks and I met Adrian 2 months ago on campus and he told us that he was atheist, and that he had a PhD in Math with an emphasis on studying logic (epistemology). So the whole religion thing wasn't for him. We invited him to test it out and we PROMISED him that if he would just put the work in, then he would know that God was his Father, Jesus Christ was his Savior, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the Lord's church restored to the Earth.
Adrian really took this to heart and within a few days of meeting with us, he plowed through half of the Book of Mormon and Bible. Within a month he told us he was receiving answers to his prayers on a daily basis and a testimony that the Book of Mormon was God's word--another testament of Jesus Christ.
This last Saturday he was baptized!! I can NOT be more excited for him!!! He is ready to continue to learn and grow in the gospel and live it.  
It is my testimony that ANYONE who is willing to put the work in, and put forth their effort to read and pray and come to church WILL gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and the Restoration--because it is true! The fullness of the Gospel is restored on the Earth and if people will open their hearts to even just try it out they will know it.
How comforting is that knowledge!? We truly are bringing the world God's truth and if we have faith in our message and the power of truth, miracles will take place in the lives and hearts of all our brothers and sisters. I invite you all to live this truth, love it, and share it!


Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade 

Pics: a few of the exchanges that we have gone on with our AMAZING sisters :) and then just one of me and Sister Doxey in this beautiful place we call Pennsylvania :)


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