March 16, 2015


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 4th walk


Sister Wyasket


Well, Friends and Family, this has been one of the BEST weeks of my mission! Haha
sorry..hope I dont say that too much, I just love it!! I just got transferred to PITTSBURGH 4th WALK! And let me tell ya, it is a dream come true! :) I love being in a walk area again and getting to
constantly have my line in the water! (mission analogy about being "fishers of men" and not just sitting in the boat but actually having our line down) I love getting to meet and talk with so
many of my brothers and sisters everyday out on the streets! We had so many lessons
this week just on the street and on the bus: prayers, commitments, scriptures and all! Its AMAZING
how much Heavenly Father is blessing us! I feel Him guiding us, I feel Him
giving us the words and the Spirit to help each of his individual children. I love getting to be a missionary and getting to feel that every single day!! I also am SO grateful to be serving with Sister Wyasket:) she's only been out a couple months, has such a pure
heart and she is so humble and ready to learn and jump in together. We are being blessed with great love and unity in our companionship, and as we are working together to have unity with each other, we are seeing the miracles and blessings of being unified with the Spirit and unified with the Lord. It really is crucial, especially now when we are pretty much going to be completely wiping out our teaching pool and starting fresh... We must remember our purpose. We are not here to just
visit people, or be "visiting teachers on steroids".. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ through faith in
Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the
Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. Our purpose that Heavenly Father has given
us and called us to is clear. I hope that we all can remember our purpose,
because as we go forward in it, with our "eye single to the glory of
God"...single, focused, cutting out all distractions...and His glory, the
immortality and eternal life of His children...that is where we can feel the joy
of the work! It is only in serving God and in His way that we can feel that
joy! I just pray that every missionary can feel this! There is nothing like it!
And our Father wants to help us too!! He wants to be right there with us and
strengthen us to be able to open our mouths and proclaim the gospel!! And as we
do, our testimony and love for Him grows because we get to feel His constant
support!:)  Let us not serve below our divine capacity and potential! This is God's work! And we are His
children and His servants!..I just know it with all my heart and soul! I invite all of you to pray for missionary opportunities, to bring hope to our brothers and sisters that need the light of Christ and His Gospel in their life!:) And I can promise your love for Him and faith in him will increase!

Moroni 8:3,

Sister Wade


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