May 19, 2014


State College, Pennsylvania


Sister Moss and Sister Walborn trio


So this week I had to send off Sister Ying back to Temple Square :( It was so hard because of how much I have loved serving with her and learning from her. She is one of the absolute best missionaries that I know, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to learn from her.
After dropping her off I was put in a trio with sister Moss and Sister Walborn!  Folks...PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am for trials because when face them, step back, look at the eternal perspective, and then just dive in--relying on the Lord to help you learn and grow...MIRACLES happen. Being in a trio with these great sisters has been the best :)
On another exciting note...this week Garrett committed to baptism on June 7th! Most prepared person ever. He blows me away! He had his first lesson a week ago, and is just on fire! He had absolutely no religious background when Sister Moss and Walborn found him and now he has been plowing through the Book of Mormon, taking ALL of his questions and concerns to prayer--and he just gets more and more excited every time he gets an answer. Haha one thing I love that he said was.."I was reading last night and I had a question about something I was reading and I wanted to call and ask but it was way too late at night. But then I decided to pray and then I got my answer!" MUSIC TO A MISSIONARIES' EARS :) Hahah and thats not even a part of it. We started making a list of all the things Garrett says that just blow us away. He is the coolest :)
Well I love all of you! Please keep my mom and family in your prayers! And my new companion that I get to meet tomorrow :)
Moroni 8:3,Sister Tessa Wade


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