August 19, 2014


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Doxey


Y'all Ready for the Big Unveiling?!.......(drumroll...)......Oh! 
A super big highlight this week! Elder Andersen, a member of a quorum of the seventy visited the mission yesterday! It is amazing how inspired these men are. Heavenly Father is so perfect... He knows His children!! He knows their thoughts, their needs, their desires, their prayers--He knows them! It is so humbling to think of the matchless, infinite love that He has for all of us. He works through imperfect men to progress His work, but it is HIS work. I loved getting to hear Elder Andersen speak and learned SO MUCH from him, but I learned even more from the powerful spirit that he was allowing to work through him. He is a great example of being an instrument in the Lord's hands. When we listen more to the spirit over the actual words being said, there is powerful flow of understanding and answers that comes directly from our Father in Heaven. I know God hears and answers our payers, I know He is guiding us and extending His love as we seek it out. I know that our calling is just to be the instruments for others to feel of this love and truth.

Okay...hahahah I have dragged this on for too long :)... I was transferred to... LITITZ!:) It is in the far corner of our mission, just a little over an hour away from Philly. I have also been called to be Sister Training Leader which for all of you back home, it is pretty much a girl version of a zone leader? This is such a testimony of how much Heavenly Father knows my weaknesses.  I know that He has definitely got some major plans for me to grow...

Anyway This week was SO GREAT! We did lots and lots of finding and we are kind of starting our teaching pool over. That's always my favorite! Every time I've gone to a new area we had to start from square one to find people and get the area up and going and I LOVE it because it is the time I have had the opportunity to see SO MANY MIRACLES!! I have felt the Lord guide us and direct us this week and we have found so many incredible people that I can not wait to see progress towards baptism and the TEMPLE haha!:) 

My new comp is Sister Doxey and I LOVE HER! We are working hard and the spirit is really blessing us with unity. We both feel like we have already been together forever even though it has only been a week. The Lord is truly blessing our companionship, blessing the area, and the work here and our brothers and sisters here :) Man I just love being a missionary.

 Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade 
Enjoy the pictures!! ( Me visiting Amish....... and my new comp)


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