February 2, 2015


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Chavez

Unyabenweh! ( I love you )

Friends & Family!!:) Last Saturday was such a happy day as Grandma Kannah was baptized!:) It has been such joy to meet this family and get to watch all of them grow in the gospel. We have grown together!:) The Khani family has always been strong, faithful Christian people and it has been amazing to see their love for Christ grow brighter and brighter as they open their hearts to learn of the fullness of His Gospel. As they have read the Book of Mormon, they have grown to cherish the Bible even more as they read them together. Those two testaments of Jesus Christ are such treasures!! I am so grateful for our Father in Haven who is "the same yesterday, today, and forever" and continues to speak to us today, both personally and collectively as we have the open heart to listen. Grandma Kannah is from Liberia and speaks the African dialect of Kranh. It has been AMAZING to see the power of the spirit teach her! She told us that the first time that she walked into church she knew that it was true haha! She felt more whole and complete. And she can't even understand anything that is being said because its all in English! And yet she LOVES coming! Her spirit is so lifted and renewed every time. It has been the coolest experience to be in lessons and have her daughter translate everything to see her and see the light that comes in as she learns the Doctrine of Christ and the Restoration of His Gospel to the Earth. There is so much hope in the message we share!! It was such a beautiful baptism! It was so inspiring to see the joy on her face as she came up a new person in Christ, and having made great covenants that will lead her on her path back to our Father. 
Some pictures: Isn't grandma the cutest?! I LOVE HER!!!!:) haha I wish you all knew her, she's the best. for Christmas, they had given me and Sister Chavez beautiful, TRADITIONAL African dresses 
Moroni 8:3,
Sis Wade


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