October 13, 2014


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Chavez

The Amish will be Mormons!

Subject: The Amish will be Mormons!

Friends & Family!:)
Wow between stake conference, zone training, and going on 3 exchanges, this week was crazy to say the least..lots of fun, lots of learning and lots of miracles:) I can't even handle how excited I am to tell you all about the coolest experience ever that Hermana Chavez and I had this week!
On Saturday we were heading to a Spanish appointment with a guy that Hermana Chavez and Lamphier had found while we were on exchanges on Monday. When we got there Hermana Chavez realized she had forgotten her Spanish scriptures but she decided we could go ahead and make it work. We knock on the door...nobody home :( so we're like "OKAY! Lets run home, get the scriptures, and hopefully he will be there when we come back!"
As we're pulling out of the apartment complex I see a man whose family I had met a few weeks ago and receive a prompting to go and talk with him instead. I muster up some courage and say "Okay! We need to go back!" We speed back into the parking lot and are walking towards this house when we notice a moving truck!... Haha spirit gives the go ahead.. "Yupp, this is what we have been being lead to!" So we start carrying things in :) As we are helping we are having fun talking with them, and getting to know them and then we find out THEY ARE AMISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a few friends over helping too and THEY ARE ALL AMISH!!! Haha about 7 adults and 3 kids! Haha okay so technically not amish anymore..but they have the heart!:) Haha once an amish, always an amish. Haha so after having the best time all working together we explained to the mom who we were and what the Book of Mormon is and she wants us to come back!! Haha we swapped numbers and are planning to see them this week!! We are SOOO EXCITED!!!! Hahaha we left that house as excited as anyone could ever get haha...We of course recorded a video of our excitement but I can't send it through email so yinz will just have to wait :) Please keep them all in your prayers!
Another highlight was at zone training, President let us all watch "Meet the Mormons"!! Aaaah soooo sooo good!!! I hope every single one of you goes and sees it! Haha it is a MUST SEE. This is what President Johnson emailed us today..."The box office results for this past weekend showed Meet the Mormons had the eleventh highest ($2.7 million) ticket sales of any movie in the country. This ranking came despite the fact it was playing in only 317 theaters (the top ten movies were playing in an average of almost 2,800 theaters). On a per theater sales basis, Meet the Mormons had the second highest ($8,500) of any movie! Hopefully, in the coming weeks many more will see it and be touched by its’ message." Go and watch it...but most importantly...INVITE A FRIEND!


Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

ps. Here is a picture from Zone training this week! BEST ZONE EVER.


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