October 6, 2014


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Chavez

Obedience rooted in LOVE <3

Subject: Obedience rooted in LOVE

Family & Friends! :)

What an incredible week?! General Conference is sunshine to the soul!! I want to hear about all of your insights and favorite parts! I can not get over how much Heavenly Father just LOVES US SO PERFECTLY!! He knows every detail of our deepest thoughts, questions, and concerns. We committed everyone, including ourselves, to prayerfully write out the questions and concerns they had and take them to conference. Haha and Heavenly Father comes through every time! I had 7 various unrelated questions that I brought and after the first session, all of them were answered!! Haha it was crazy. Gotta love the spirit!! What an incredible gift and blessing it is to have a member of the Godhead to always teach us and guide us on our path!

Well today I want to talk with you all about obedience combined with love :) I have been thinking about it since I got in the field and last month President brought it up at MLC (missionary leadership council) which has got me thinking about it even more haha! True conversion causes obedience that is firmly rooted IN LOVE.

I have seen so many missionaries do all they can to be exactly obedient, which is SO crucial in this work, but their heart is not in their efforts. They are doing all that is required of them but not feeling the joy from obedience. It seems their motives are because all the other missionaries will pounce on them if they do anything is out of fear of "man." Other missionaries rather are obedient because they love God, they love this work, and they know that it is the Lord's.
We need to be converted, we need to experience that change of heart that it talks about in the Book of Mormon where we "no more desire to sin", where obedience becomes second nature--natural! We need to be obedient because it is who we are, and its in our heart--obedient because we love God and we love being here!
So many struggle with depression and homesickness, some of the absolute best and most diligent missionaries. We need diligence coupled with love and drive and Spirit. Spirit that brings joy and love and healing. We need the spirit to fill our hearts to a point that we can not wait to shoot out of bed in the morning because of all the miracles that we know we are going to be seeing, and we just want to get out and work hard because we love it!
Too many of us are going through the motions. It kills me, I just wish all could know it doesn't have to be that way! Obedience does not need to absorb so much energy. It does not need to be a burden. I know and have felt obedience be something that lifts and enlivens. I have felt obedience draw me closer to God and fill me with His spirit. I hope and pray that all of us will feel the joy of obedience instead of the burden of obedience.

This morning Hermana Chavez and I went on a beautiful hike with the sisters that we serve in the Lancaster zone and at the top had a devotional about this, and conversion. This is such a blessed opportunity we have to be out here to learn how to obey and serve in the Lord's way--with love. It was such a cool experience! The sisters all had a chance to study and share their thoughts and we all committed to "pray with all the energy of heart that [we] may be filled with this love" that we may "become the sons [and daughters] of God", and be "true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ" (Moroni 7:48). We are uniting with each other and following up with one another to have greater deeper conversion. I pray that all of us can feel of the true joy of this work! The mission and this life is to be ENJOYED--not just endured. I want everyone to feel the spirit flood their hearts and their lives!! I know all of us can as we allow the Lord to change our soul and refine our desires.

Well, I love all of you! Share with me your thoughts, and your insights & favorite parts from conference :) I would LOVE to hear all of them!

Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

Pictures: we had a piñata party at district meeting...on my hump day...(9months say what?!), for MLC all the sisters got to stay in the mission home, and the hike this morning with the sisters overlooking the susquehanna


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