September 9, 2014


Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Sister Doxey

Shootin' for Forever!

Family & Friends!!

Wow this was such an AWESOME week!! I really can not even handle all the miracles we are hearts going to explode haha.

On Saturday, Sister Khani was Baptized!!!:) Man, I wish you could all meet her...she is like the absolute coolest lady in the world. She is from Liberia, and always clung to her testimony of Jesus Christ while there was war constantly breaking out all around her. If you could be around her for even a second you would feel the strength of her spirit and her testimony!

When she came to America she met her husband Rafi. He was a convert to the church, baptized 10 years ago. She felt threatened by the Book of Mormon and didn't want to do anything to draw her away from the precious truths in the bible. After years of missionaries being in and out of her home for dinners and visits, she finally agreed to take the lessons after she could feel the love and prayers that Rafi was sending up to heaven for her softened heart. She had lots of questions. And the more she asked, the more she learned! The more she read, the more she experimented, the more she tested it out, the more she could feel the Book of Mormon not tearing her away from her faith but building it and strengthening it!! The Book of Mormon solidified her testimony of the truths that she cherished. Hahaha she was telling me now the only thing she regrets is not knowing about the Restored Gospel and the truth of the Book of Mormon sooner!! Haha she is always telling us how jealous she is that we get to share it with people full-time and how she wants to get out and knock on doors and just shout from the hilltops: "Christ's church is on the Earth and the fullness of His Gospel has been restored!" Haha there is nothing that compares to the joy that comes from this knowledge, and the joy of getting to share it!! Haha Sister Khani is going to be coming out with us a lot :)

This week we also had Missionary Leadership Council in Pittsburgh with the other STLs and ZLs. It was so inspiring to get to feel the love and the testimonies of all these missionaries and get to feel the love they have for the people they serve. I am learning lots and lots and I can not thank Heavenly Father enough for this experience.
Well love you all tons!!

Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade

Pics: the lookout over Pittsburgh:) my heart is going to be here forever...and then Sister Khanis baptism!!:)


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