July 7, 2014


State College, Pennsylvania


Sister Sparks

6 months say what?!?

Subject: 6 months say what?!?

Wow what a week!! So many highlights, so many miracles, I don't even know where to start! I am so grateful and feel so blessed to to be serving here at Penn State right now :) I remember when I first got here, it was the month before school was going to get out, and everyone kept telling me how there would be nobody to teach or find and that the work would be dead and we would have nothing to do. Haha I remember being so excited to prove them wrong..but even more excited to prove God right andjust and true. So excited to glorify God in that He does not forget about His children ever. This is the Lord's work people! Haha it doesn't stop or slow down for anything! If we have faith in the Lord and His work, if we are obedient, humble, and diligent, than the Lord will be able to use us. He can use us as an instrument in carrying out the work that He so desperately wants carried out for every single one of His children. I know with every part of my heart and soul that this is His work, and this is His glory. And I just feel SO BEYOND BLESSED to be apart of it!
This week was SO GREAT!! Li, one of the investigators that we are so blessed to be teaching passed his baptismal interview this week!!! IM SO HAPPY I COULD JUST DIE!!!!:):) He is from china and so he is now starting his legacy of hope for all his future generations! We were asking about his parents and what they thought about him getting baptized and he said that his dad went out and bought a bible and they want to learn about Jesus Christ too!! They have seen and felt a change in their son and they want that for their whole family! We were all so happy talking about how him and his family can be sealed together one day and how he can bring the gospel into the lives of his family now, and into the lives of his future children and family. SO COOL! Haha he really is just on fire! He keeps saying that he wants to help with other people's lessons and keeps referring his friends to us and he isn't even an official member yet! I am so grateful for the Spirit that has brought this change to his heart. I am grateful for the power of conversion. I am grateful for the Spirit giving me peace of mind that he truly is ready. He is ready to make this covenant with God. GAHHH I JUST LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! :) Haha life really doesn't get much better than this :)
Also met my new mission President this week! It was SO SO good to meet President & Sister Johnson. I had been praying that I would be open to the Spirit when I met them and that I would be able to feel of their love and faith and have a witness that they were called by God to be here, with us, at this time. Heavenly Father answered my prayers big time!! That first time meeting them I just had this overwhelming sense of peace, assurance, confidence in, and love for them! I know that they are both here to guide me in ways that will prepare me not just for the work here but for the eternities. I am SO EXCITED to get to know them better and feel their influence in the way that the Lord knows that I need.
Last highlight is the 4th of JULY!! Hahaha shout out to my family that I love so much....I am so grateful to be apart of a family that values freedom :) LET FREEDOM RING! You will not believe what we got to do! We got to be in the parade and hold the huge balloons...and they are the same balloons that they have in the Macy's parade! Supposedly State college is in the top 5 of 4th of July celebrations. It was SO AWESOME! HAha checking that one off the bucket list.Well I LOVE YOU ALL!
Moroni 8:3,
Sister Tessa Wade
PS. pic under the huge ballons when they were blowing them up


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