May 27, 2019




Nauvoo Week 1

Well sorry for the long wait I've now been in nauvoo for a week! It's been so great!

So my last week in the mission training center was crazy, so on our last pday we went to the provo temple and this cute older woman had on this lovely knit shall and me and my companion had complemented her on how cute it was. My companion finished changing before me and was talking to her saying where were going and how we get to wear pioneer costumes. She then took her name down and said well here I'll make you and your companion one so you can take it with you, and she dropped them off at the training center the next day! She was the most darling woman ever and the sweetest. One of the many reasons I love the temple.

Then I ran into a familiar face at lunch one day, elder dallin dye! It had been so long but definitely needed to see a familiar face from home.

Our last night at the MTC a member of the quarm of the 12 apostles spoke! Niel l Anderson spoke and after he was done spent probably 15-20 minutes shaking people's hands! And one of the many things I learned that night was sometimes I don't need to speak to share my testimony, though most times you should I know that as I'm being obedient and changing to be more christlike it shows!

So there was 19 of us riding busses and three front runner to the airport we about 3 bags each which was a real fun sight to see haha. But we all arrived safely and all our luggage as well. On the plane one of my companions sister young was sitting next to the actor who plays Josh in the show young and hungry. By now I would've looked his name up but I can't lol but he slept most of the ride here. It was probably best she was next to him because she had no idea who he was. But our mission president showed up with a uhaul truck for our luggage haha smart man.

We didn't get home till about 10:30 so it was a late night for us but we had 3 days for orientation and spent that time taking tours of the sights and asking questions on how to handle
the busy times and things like that. The first sight I was in was land and records on Sunday where you can look up different ancestors and if they were here in nauvoo and their stories! So cool I have a couple on my grandma becky's side which was cool to read. Then the riser boot shop Monday so we got to wear pioneer costumes yay!

We also had the opportunity to go to Carthage and give a virtual tour to my companion sister Wilson's brother seminary class! That was the best experience here so far! Technology is great when you use it for good reasons!

I could go on and on about all the things I'm learning and things that happen but I love you all and want you to know you're in my prayers and I am so grateful to have you all in my life! If any of you find d yourself traveling to nauvoo tell me! I want to see your faces and I'll give you a tour of wherever I am!

My address letters

Sister Jillian stepper
Box 215
975 young street
Nauvoo IL 62354

My address packages

Sister Jillian stepper
975 young street
Nauvoo IL 62354

Love Sister Stepper
Nauvoo Illinois Mission

A turtle we found on our bike tour

Me riding my bike


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